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We have all been there. Well I know I have but what if we can build something we love with minimum amounts of funds. The Mini PC for $80! That’s right for almost the same amount of a xbox game which is $59 + tax + subway and drink + gas. Lmao OK I stretched it out a bit. Over at Toms they have a good article on the items or parts you need to make it happen. A box for 80 to surf, blog, use as ¬†warez box or music storage what more can you ask for? The link below shows and discus’s the parts you can use to built this little¬†rig.,1978.html

Another article they have is about how Firefox is chipping away at Safari’s market share. I don’t know anything about stocks or shares. I do know that i have Firefox 3 and Safari and I enjoy them both but…Firefox 3 seems to have some issues like crashing on Stickam for me when using a cam or just stalling during certain operations. Since i started using Safari i dig the layout it’s simple and has a cool few features. Like the windows merge option. Ever go to a sight or lets take Stickam again. You join numerous Live sessions or group chats and they each pop open a separate window. When your done joining what you have to you can just hit the merge option and all the windows become one. I kinda enjoy the window zoom feature. Not sure why but the pages just look sharper or bigger. Could just be me. Going coo coo blogging on WordPress.,6027.html

Ah today is birthday cause I’m enjoying all the articles on this fine Sunday. Another good article they have is the history of Nvidia 13 years of Nvidia graphics cards. Being a gamer and always wanting more bang in my gaming. Nvidia is our friend. Not bashing ATI cause i was a fan of the 9800pro and the x850 gt. Another the subject of video cards i guess ill leave you with 2 more links to enjoy. The paragraph you just read and the How to overclock your graphics card from, enjoy.,1916.html