Apple 3g iphone unlocked!!! Happy xmas and merry new years …

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in the infamous words of the great Eddie Murphy. Ah yes , i am now an apple head. Story behind it was i wanted to try something new and was looking for something to play with. So i decided to put up my blackberry curve see what i get offered. The story went like this. I got offers from The blackberry flip to a shattered glass iphone. Then i got the one I’m currently using a iphone 2g 8gig unlocked and jailbroken yay. THEN…a day later i get offered a 16gig 2g phone, DAMN IT. To add insult to injury but a great new years to you guys. Apple 3g iphone UNLOCKED. Yea i said it.

Over at Simons blog the dev team there posted on the software they created to do this. Release date is aimed at new years eve.
In the video it shows him working on a mac i believe but hopefully it’ll come out for windows to.

Iphone has won me over not cause of the phone capability, the texting can suck. Its everything else on it.
the fact that i can teather my phone to give modem to a laptop. The fact that i don’t have to be on my pc to be on Mirc etc.
A lot of great 3rd party apps.


New blackberry javelin pics and others

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Hey guys sorry i have been slacking off on providing you guys with useful things or tips to read. Below i come back with some pictures from over at crackberry where they compare the phones below is the Blackberry Javelin vs the curve.

As you can see the javelin looks great. It’s basically the Curve meets the Bold. The Cold or the Burve. OK that was my attempt at a funny. They seem about the same in width in height but the Javelin comes pack with more fire power. More build in internal memory i believe its 1gig plus an expansion slot. Below is another picture comparing the 3 new phones coming to us.

Thats the Bold, the Javelin and the KickStart. Right now for Rodgers customers its gonna be a pretty penny to get these. For example below is a pic of the Kickstart promo for Rodgers.

That’s 149.99 with a 3 year contract. A bit pricey for my pockets. Not to sure how much the Bold will be but I’m expecting $$ even with a long term contract. For those wanting a Blackberry phone. A heads up is Blackberry aren’t cheap but you get what you pay for a great phone.

Now I love Blackberry. Just not the prices. My T-mobile plan is the cheapest 29.99, unlimited texting, unlimited email and Internet and I’m etc. At the end of the day I’m still paying $82 and that’s without unlimited nights(i only got unlimited weekends trying to save a buck). So for 20 bucks more i can just pay $99.99 and get unlimited everything. Thank god tho its only Flex Pay with T-mobile so when i cant keep up with the bill its not on contract. Then again with a Sidekick i would be paying $49.99 for everything with my current setup. Both are awesome phones. T-mobile plz make unlimited nights standard with your plans. At 29.99 you would kick ass. In my area allot of people are opting for Metro PCS because its unlimited everything day and night for one base price or least make your Blackberry options one package like your Sidekicks.

Here’s a tip for you guys who wanna be on the phone all day from your house or near wi fi areas. Just pay the cheapest contract and 10 bux more for wi fi or get 2 phones on a family plan for $60 which automatically comes with unlimited nights and weekends and fav 5. Now im about to pay my $82 bucks and drop my Internet service to just have the phone and texting and wi fi. Wi fi just so i can call and receive all day. If i make a call from my wi fi router and walk to alaska its still a free call cause i made it from a hot spot or wi fi connection. wooot. =) You can do these things i think are better to save a buck or just go Sidekick or just pay the $99 bucks a month for unlimited everything on 1 phone or again just get 2 phones on the family plan or 3 or 4 with some buddies add in your options and probably still be cheaper individually then 1 Blackberry with everything.  Btw new OS 4.6 is out. Ill post on that later. Hope you enjoyed your ribs and chicken on labor day.

Thanks to http://www.crackberry.com for the pics and news.

Blackberry curve owners meet the new you. The Blackberry Javelin

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Ever have so much family that you seem to meet a new cousin at the family party? This is that party. The blackberry curve t1000 is more like the blackberry t2000.

Items of note:

  • 512 MHz Processor
  • 256 MB onboard flash memory (more room for apps)
  • Hot-swappable microSD slot – located under the battery door
  • 480 by 360 high-res HVGA+ display
  • 3.2MP camera
  • Micro USB charging/syncing port, w/ high speed data

If those specs are correct then that’s a beefy little piece of machinery. 256 megs of built in memory + a microSD slot(Lets say 8 gigs). That’s alot of programs, allot of music, videos and ringtones and whatever else your willing to have on it. External baby HD? Only downside is it wont support 3g. Does have built in wi-fi and a gps.

I personally like the look to it. Doesn’t have that mini pancake look to it or feel. The Bold is a nice phone as well. I’m just not a fan of the shape and design. On the other hand I love the curve feel and size. If the Javelin is about the same size of the curve with all those new specs its a wow. I want it now. Do you? If your wondering what carriers will carry the Javelin. Being that its still gsm I would bet on all the carriers that carry the curve now.

On another note I put up a forums board. SO you guys can come and give me feedback, suggestions, questions or want to know about something in particular. Ill try my best to answer all the questions and suggestions.  I’m also working on fixing up the page so i can put all the guides together.  I’m also working on getting you guides to modding your psp and your iPod.

Updating and Adding custom themes and ring tones to your blackberry

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Ah yes my crackberry fiends come to me. *holds his curve in the air with the 4.5 OS* Bow before me. As i now have the ability to record video! ROOAAARR. OK that was corny but fun. OK lets get started with the simple guide of how to update your blackberry.

A few essentials your gonna need before we get started.

1.  Blackberry phone. 2. A computer with usb port. 3. A usb wire that connects from your phone to your PC.

4. Desktop Manager( Latest one can be found on the blackberry.com, search for the 4.5 version with media manager or non.)

Software For BlackBerry® Curve (TM) 8320 smartphone

BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.5.0.75 (Multilanguage)

Package Version:
Consisting of:
Software Platform:
File name: 8320M_PBr4.5.0_rel75_PL2.7.0.66_A4.5.0.52_Orange.e xe
File size: 75.87MB
Note: The Software Platform and Applications version numbers can be found under Options-About screen on the handheld.

Download here:




**note** This version does not include preinstalled wallpapers

Instructions for installing on ANY carrier’s 8320:

1. Make sure you have the latest version of Desktop Manager installed.
2. Download the above file to the PC then install it to the PC by running the file you downloaded.
3. Locate the vendor.xml file and delete it. It’s located in c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader
4. Plug in BB and Open Desktop Manager. You should be prompted to upgrade.
The process takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on how much data you have to backup and restore during the process. Once it’s done loading the new OS it will reboot (it may do this twice during the entire process.) You will see a white screen with an hourglass for up to 45 minutes at a time while the DM says “waiting for initialization.”
If you end up with a white screen with small icons and the number 507, simply connect to DM again and run application loader again and it should load the OS to the device

Thank you to our Orange UK members Steve_S_T & Bodisaffa for pointing this out!!

Again I wanna thank the guys over at Crackberry.com for this guide. Remember I take no responsibility of any damage caused to your phone on changing your os.

Ok now that your Os is updated. It is time to have some fun with your phone =p.

Ok its pretty simple, on crackberry.com or theme4bb.com you can find custom made themes for your model phone. Download oneo that you like and unzip to your desktop. Plug in your phone to the usb wire and into your pc. Your computer should detect it and then run Desktop manager.  Fine the aplication loader icon and click on it. Don’t be alarmed by the stuff you see listed. Its just either showing what you have installed or the themes you have if you don’t have any custom then you won’t see anything.  OK look for the browse button or add button and go to your desktop location and choose the alx file. Click next or OK it will take a second to upload the theme to your phone, you can see your phone it should have the red light on and or the white screen and loading glass running. Some themes take a little longer then others. Once it sets up some restart the machine others just install fast. You might see a security load screen at the start that’s OK. When that is done go to your options, then themes and select the name of the theme you just installed. In the next few seconds you should see  little loading glass and your fonts change and your basicly done installing your new theme. Return to your main menu and enjoy.

OK I promised you ring tone’s. Lets do ring tones. The ring tone approach i use is different. I don’t use the roxio media manager in Desktop Manager. I use a separate program called Audacity. Now if you want to use full songs as ring tones. Your gonna need a sd micro memory card. When you have one. Pop in your phone to the PC and you should get a screen asking you what would you like to do. Select the open folder option. It will open a folder and you will see the blackberry folder. Open that. Look for ring tones folder and cope any mp3 you want to into that folder.

If your like me and like taking the best parts of songs and use those as ring tones. I use Audacity to cut the parts I want. Simply run the program, click on the open file or New option, look for the file you want and click OK or select. Audacity should have the file loaded up and ready to go.  What you do is on top where the time measures are. You click on where you want the editing to start and then click again where you want it to end. Might need to drag. Once you got the timing on where and when you want it to start and end on the song. Go to the edit option on top and click on the cut option.  Once that is done, click on the the New option again like your doing it from scratch. This will open a new window. Once that is open go to edit and click paste and it should paste only the part of the song you cut out from the last one. Don’t save when it asks you to on the one you cut it will edit your real mp3 file. =) On the new window click on save. Where it asks you where you can save right to blackberry/ring tones folder on your phone. Now you just made your custom ring tone. If you got any questions feel free to comment.

I would like to thank crackberry.com and themes4bb.com and Audacity.

Here are the sites you need for this guide.

http://www.blackberry.com for Desktop Manager

http://www.crackberry.com for Themes,guides,help and support

http://www.themes4bb.com for Themes,guides,help and support

audacity.sourceforge.net/ for Audacity

T-mobile blackberry as a pc modem

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Before i go on with the trick to make your mobile into a modem. Feel free to visit me at

fattydakid.listen2myradio.com for some music. Over at Crackberry.com forums spikedzombies posted

this neat trick to make your blackberry into a portalable modem.

Ensure the Connection field displays USB-PIN: and click OK.
Click Start and then Control Panel.
Double click the Phone and Modem Options icon.
Click the Modems tab.
Click once on the Standard Modem then click Properties.
Click the Advanced tab.
Type +cgdcont=1,"IP","wap.voicestream.com" in the Extra initialization commands field. (USE THE " AND NOT SINGLE ' FOR THE QUOTES)
Click OK twice.

Setting up the connection

On the PC, return to the Control Panel.
Double click the Network Connections icon.
Under Network Tasks, click Create a new connection.
A New Connection Wizard will appear, click Next.
Click to select Connect to the Internet and click Next.
Click to select Set up my connection manually and click Next.
Click to select Connect using a dial-up modem and click Next.
If prompted, click to select Standard Modem over Blue tooth link.
Ensure it is the only modem selected and then click Next.
Enter T-Mobile GPRS in the ISP Name field and then click Next.
Enter *99# in the Phone Number field and then click Next.
Ensure the User name, Password and Confirm password fields are blank.
Click to select from the available options and then click Next.
Click Finish.

Making the connection

On the PC, a Connect T-Mobile GPRS dialog will appear.
Ensure the User name and Password fields are blank.
Ensure *99# is displayed in the Dial field.
Click Dial.
You will now be connected to the T-Mobile GPRS service