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 what are you doing? As much as I love boxing and to see great match ups. This is lopsided. Manny  a natural 130-135 fighter who would not fight Eric Morales at 135. Is moving up to fight Oscar at maybe 140?  There’s no business like show business. Since this fight was made. It means alot of other fights could of been made but noone wanted to fight. At 140 Manny could fight Hatton, Mayweather, Cotto, Mosley whos fighting Mayorga. Sorry it just doesn’t make sense. I mean if boxing needs these big showcases of mismatches then great. If it turns out to be a real fight then even better. Lets hope for a real fight. Below you can the pricing on tickets. Im just like wow. Knowing they will sell out. Last time i checked there was only 140 tickets left. ching ching plus whatever pay per view makes.