Customizing your Sidekick LX with themes and music

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Wow have times changed i remember my sidekick id , sidekick 2 and 3 and i could do none of that without having to dish out money to T-mobile.

Instructions from a member of this wiki!

1. hook your sidekick up to your pc/mac/laptop using the usb cable
2. once you PC recognize it it should be usually your  removable drive click on it
3. if you do not have a theme folder , right click and create one
4. find the theme you want on the site
5. when you click to download theme, make sure you click save instead of open
6. save it to your desktop so it’s easier to find
7. now minimize ya screen and u should see the file on you desktop
8.right click on file and click extract all
9. then click browse and find the sidekick drive( it will usually be under my computer) E drive
10. then once you click on it select your theme then click extract.
11. un plug ya kick and you should find it under your back grounds if you did everything right

for a more in-depth view head on over to


Below i posted a youtube basically explaining how to custom your sidekick LX