pimpin my blackberry

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OK no pic of a hottie this time. Just me pimping my blackberry 😉 Lets see whats there to talk about today. I noticed Yahoo flip flopped on their ps3 leads console war theory. Go me and my journalistic ways *smirk*. I guess i can talk about batman and try to not give to much away. I can compare it to the last movie that had the joker in it played by Jack Nicholson. The Dark Knight starts off with a bang. No prelude to how the Joker became what he is. Which in reality was I thought good gives people something to wonder about. He does mention what lead him to be what he is during one of the scenes. I like Heaths role. He had me convinced he was loony…which is all kind of creepy as we know how he ended up. In a way where we watching a glimpse of him turning crazy during the filming? Who knows. The last Batman with Mr Jack Nicholson as the Joker was a good movie I believe as well. It portrayed the Joker as a loony way more humorous then the recent version played by Heath. The Nicholson batman was so clowny etc. This one is just crazy but in a way a genius with how he perceived himself and Batman. Again im trying to not blow the story and happenings in the movie but overall great film. Enjoyed all of it. Go see it. Dont download it this is one youll fully enjoy spending the cash to see with some hot nachos with cheese.