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 OK im a huge fighter fan. Since Street Fighter 2 and so on played them all. Whether it was me cutting school to go to the nearest arcade and play or seeing my cousin smash a kids head into the SF2 screen I have loved it. I just feel fighting games are an extension of our fists. No I don’t promote violence this is of course written to entertain you. In the words of Maximus “Is this not what you want? Is this not why you are here?”  Aight lets get on to the videos. I’ll start with Tekken 6 footage.

Can’t forget THE fighting game of them all Street Fighter 4, this is only a cam video but it looks awesome to play i cant wait. Its gonna be released for the PC, xbox, ps3 and of the course ARCADE.

Street Fighter 4 comic con 2008 interview below.


Now the new released Soul Calibur 4. I’m hearing good things about it. I was never hardcore into the series. I do remember having fun the few times i played it and the beautiful graphics in it and you can use Yoda. Who wouldn’t want that. Below though you get to see Darth Vader go at it.


Tried out some cool programs today for my pc and cell phone.

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Discovered 2 really cool program reading through a bunch of forums. They are called Orb and Shozu.

Let me start with Orb. It’s a program that lets you remotely stream stuff from your computer to your cell phone. I use a Blackberry curve and have a T-mobile Wing. So i tried the program with both and it worked. Reason I tried it is to stream stuff from my PC to my cell. Can stream my own music through my Internet to my cell phone from anywhere. Meaning as long as I have orb running on my pc I can be at the Wal-mart food section hearing my music, playing my videos even run my web cam. Yes i was watching my bedroom from Wal-mart, lmao.

You can get the Orb at http://www.orb.com or Google Orb networks.

The second program I tried was Shozu. Shozu is a PC desktop or cell program that lets you upload media to more then 30 of the most popular sites by just picking an item from your desktop and clicking the sites you wanna upload to or from your cell phone and again choosing what sites to send it to. As a test I sent a couple of pictures to Blogger, FaceBook and Flickr and it worked great. Even provides access to send stuff to CNN and other news stations. Never know when you might capture a piece of scrap iron flying towards you on camera to prove just how strong the hurricane winds are. =)

 You can find Shozu at http://www.shozu.com 

Last but not least I have been working on a number of sites that you can find as links on this page. Organized khunfyoozhuhn and Edumikation. The first site provides with you with info and discussions about things around the world and a point of view differ from most. The show is pod casted.
The second link is a music/retro gear site or data base if you will of past artists and clothing that help generate our youth of today. My youth of yesterday.