Who’s that looking through my window? BLOW … nobody now.

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What better way to start off the monday with a quote from Goodie Mob. Hope you all had a relaxing and good weekend because it is monday and that means i get to beat your brain until it looks like oatmeal with stories going on around the world.

Before i start I would like to ask god to come down and please fix the central air in the state of Florida because I am melting here. Fat Latino kids and heat just doesn’t work I felt like bread pudding when I went to get my mail earlier. Now lets get it cracking.

In entertainment lets see what is up. Ah Ed Norton star of The fight club, recently the incredible Hulk is running around telling people and fans that he wrote the movie. Tsk Tsk ED, Edward Eddie, E, not cool man. Why you would steal another mans thunder is beyond me. What I found more interesting about the whole situation is the original writer of the movie claimed Norton played no part in the writing of the incredible hulk movie and is upset that someone is trying to discredit something he worked 10 years on writing. *Cough* 10 years to write the Hulk…5 minutes to lose credibility for it. Good Job sir.

Now sure if anyone follows the Wendy Williams. Recently she had on Omarosa and it was fireworks from the start. I don’t watch the show really but i found that someone on tv standing up to Wendy Williams was fun. Heres the first part of the video and the rest you can see on Youtube.

OK enough of the Oprah crap lets see what’s in works to better our future.

Not sure how old these concepts are but i found them amusing to learn about and read. I couldn’t get the Youtube videos to load for me but im sure on the main site they might have more then 1 video of the phones you would want to see.

That’s the link for the concept phones.
Lets see what else we have in the crab barrel to talk about..ah yes. The Microsoft xbox fan boys worrying about the Xbox and Sony wars. Microsoft has already admitted to be working on the next console.
That’s the link to wear i read that little bit of gossip,rumor or insight. I feel its true because any true gamer of consoles knows their life span is on average 5 years at most. Also Apple has been considering or pondering the idea of jumping into the gaming ranks with Sony and Microsoft. I am not sure what they can do with a real gaming console but i already have an idea of what they can do with a handheld. Just look up iTouch and iPhone games on Youtube. One of the biggest concept tho is the iCapopener. I think my family especially my cousin from organized khunfyoozhuhn can make great use of this product. Check the video below.
OK was a bad joke. I found it funny though. Sue me =). Now that I’m done with technology does anyone else find it kinda pointless in the way we are going with it. I mean we are advancing phones and gadgets but nothing major that improves life at home. We certainly showed we can improve life on the Go. Maybe they are telling us something like pack your stuff and GTFO?