Me , Myself and iPad

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It has been a minute since or maybe a year or two since i posted on this site.

I have moved on since then to my good old iPad. I am not an Apple fan boy but I am impressed with where we are going.  We have come to the age where mobility and comfort has replaced huge power house machines. It seems the further we move in technology the faster and smaller the devices get.  Now i can sit here and brag about my Apple iPad and what it can do compared to other brand named tablets but this article is more on where we stand as far advancement in technology.

Let’s start with the fun first. This aspect of the iPad is not revolutionary but a great add-on to a device. With major companies making games for the iPad its future as a mini gamer is very welcomed. Games like Madden Football. Grand theft auto:China town wars, Angry birds and Hero of Sparta the iPad, is very enjoyable as a gaming platform.  Those are only some of the game titles available. If you own a iPhone or iTouch you know they have a huge library of games.

Dungeon Hunter

Next we have reading and more reading. All types of reading though. To be completely honest I have not read as much in my life. Somehow reading on the iPad has made reading fun again. Let’s see what we can do.  If you have wi-fi or have the 3G version of the iPad you can surf the internet and have all types of access to reading. Newspapers , books etc. Below is an example. My folks are from Panama and love to read the paper from over there and with the iPad its a lot easier than on the computer or a laptop that weights way more and it looks cool compared to other people reading an old news paper.

La Estrella Panama
Books library

As you can see in the pic above its my books library.  On my iPad i currently carry 1.1 gigs worth of books. Doesn’t sound like a lot does it. In fact its 818 books.  You can also read pdf files and check your emails just like the iPhone and itouch can.

As great a device as this is there are a couple of downfalls. The biggest being no Adobe Flash from Apple. Secondly the prices on these great devices are not very friendly. $499 for the cheapest iPad with wi-fi only.

Is it worth the money? I believe it is. On one portable device you can carry your post office aka your email, hundreds or thousands of books aka library, your browser to surf anything anywhere aka your internet. Games aka your mini ps3 or Xbox. Not to mention its an iPad for your music and its your new block buster with Netflix or even with your own movies to add.

Bottom line if you decide to buy an iPad do not buy it to replace your laptop. A laptop can do so much more as far as programs, web caming etc. If you’re looking for a device to take around for social sites, checking emails on business trips or surfing the web. A device you can watch movies on a trip or even need a giant gps, the iPad can do it.


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mp3 download….74% History of the mp3’s part duex

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Yes thats my blackberry hooked up with speakers and mini coffins setup. Hold on let me ask my DJ to turn it down a notch. Some reason i couldn’t think about that without smirking.

Ok I’m back and i had so much more to add to this topic i figured i would make a sequel. Lets hope this blog doesn’t suffer from the sophomore jinx of most sequels as i dive into talking about how mp3s effect other aspects of music. Last post I think i covered how it helped us with certain things and hurt us. I think i got the consumer part and the artist’s point of view. This time I’m gonna try and cover the DJ aspect and the behind the scene production aspect. Ah the DJ the backbone to any real party. The man in charge of keeping the crowd into it and making the hotties grind and shake and all that good stuff men love to see while half conscience and wobbling around. When I think of DJ’s tho i think of 2 turntables and a mic or just 2 turntables. I think of the New York street mix tape legends DJ CLue, Kay slay, Ron G, Green Lantern, Doo wop, Tony “Toca” Touch. There specialty wasn’t scratching up records and making new mixes and sounds out of popular ones already out. They provided the unreleased songs of the up and coming or at the moment hot artist. In comes the mp3 like a hurricane about to hit Florida for the gazillionth time and changes that in my eyes. What once was a seek for and buy if you can find it. Mixtapes are now easily found on the Internet or leaked in other words. What was once a easy 10 bucks to buy is now a free click away through a peer 2 peer program. Thus for our enjoyment and their work the trade off is we get the exclusives for free and they lose out on 10 bucks. Not very fair is it? Another point of view is alot of bands, artist’s and DJ’s mainly techno i believe, release their stuff for free or pay what you want deal. Thus either giving you a free download or making a few bucks if the person feels they are deserving of it. Your probably wondering “Aren’t they losing either way?”. Not if you consider the trade of giving you material for exposure. The more people download my stuff and spreads the word the more eyes on me the better. A good following can lead to great things. Now back to the DJ’s. Whens the last time you went to a party not had a friend or some ones friend DJ your party? Thats what i thought. In the place where a DJ would stand waving his hands trying to get you amp or into the party stands a 5 inch 30 gig piece of white plastic with a miniature LCD with options. That now provides not only your music but serves as a data base in memory of a lost art “The DJ”. Thats another story or post all on its own.

AH, yes the production side of the mp3. Audacity, Fruit Loops, Sound Click etc, the format is a staple mark in music period. Whether editing your ring tones through audacity, making your 8-bit nintendo Brazilian bass song, or converting your studio made instrumentals to share or sell over sound click its all about the mp3. Originally and some people today still use or prefer the wav format and it still exists in alot of gizmos and gadgets. My Blackberry curve is my phone, my computer away from home and my portable mp3 player. Think about the other aspect to provided by the computer. Lets face it how many homes in the world today. Add in how many of those have computers and how many of those run windows media player? ALOT. How bout Winamp? How bout the Xbox 360 with its streaming capabilitys through its Zune player on the PC? How bout just the Zune? No matter how you put it mp3’s have changed our way of living and enjoying multimedia. I’m gonna leave you with an image of a concept mp3 player i read over on the gizmodo page. The link is below enjoy. This part of the post was more ranting and personal views of what I have seen or experienced with the technology and I hope you enjoyed the read.

Mp3 download……74% History of the mp3’s

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Ah yes I’m back. I managed to survive a day of being kicked and yelled at and bowing to a complete stranger walking barefoot and barking orders. The the sustained kicks to my scrotum for kids who can’t seem to aim their punches and kicks above the waist I managed to snatch an idea on something to write about. Mp3s. How did i come to that idea well….while taking a shot to the temple they where playing an iPod the kids could train to. Stuff on where it came from and how it has improved and also hurt music.

In 1987 a German company called Fraunchofer-Gesellshaft developed the mp3 technology and now lisences the patent rights to the audio compression technology.  The inventors named on the MP3 patent are Bernhard Grill, Karl-Heinz Brandenburg, Thomas Sporer, Bernd Kurten, and Ernst Eberlein.  The two main names mentioned in the creation of the mp3 is Dieter Seitzer a professor at the University of Erlangen and Karlheinz Brandenburg.  He was a professor of mathematics and electronics and had been working on methods to compress music since the 70’s. In 1991 the mp3 project almost died cause they just couldn’t get the compiler to work till finally they discovered the error in the programing. Imagine that no mp3 in our life today. The above source and following stats I got are from

  • 1987 – The Fraunhofer Institut in Germany began research code-named EUREKA project EU147, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB).
  • January 1988 – Moving Picture Experts Group or MPEG was established as a subcommittee of the International Standards Organization/International Electrotechnical Commission or ISO/IEC.
  • April 1989 – Fraunhofer received a German patent for MP3.
  • 1992 – Fraunhofer’s and Dieter Seitzer’s audio coding algorithm was integrated into MPEG-1.
  • 1993 – MPEG-1 standard published.
  • 1994 – MPEG-2 developed and published a year later.
  • November 26, 1996 – United States patent issued for MP3.
  • September 1998 – Fraunhofer started to enforce their patent rights. All developers of MP3 encoders or rippers and decoders/players now have to pay a licensing fee to Fraunhofer.
  • February 1999 – A record company called SubPop is the first to distribute music tracks in the MP3 format.
  • 1999 – Portable MP3 players appear.
Now that I hopefully managed to pound a little info on something we all enjoy downloading and using. Lets talk about the benefits we get and the disadvantages and some stuff it did provide for us as computer geeks and avid internet dorks.
In my eyes the biggest contributions mp3’s have given us is the fact that we can save cherish our music with a single file that can be used in mearly any gizmo or gadget we use daily. Whether its a iPod or a Blackberry ringtone. It provided a fast way for us to share and *gulp* distribute music. Which Lars Ulrich hated. Google, Napster vs metallica or something.  In his defense as an artist and having friends in the industry I can understand his frustration of poeple not having to pay for something you make your salary off of.  Also I will admit I download music. Wether a p2p program or torrent site, which i wont name cause I’m sure by now you can find plenty of on the net. I get to experience music I would never consider buying. Sorta like a test run.
Let me point out some Pro’s and Cons on the mp3:
1. Easy to access its everywhere and free.
2. Most major gadgets & gizmos support it.
3. We can share our music easily over chat clients or preserve or old CD or vinyls and share those to.
4. I’m able to enjoy music of all kinds of genre at my fingers tips, since its a small file i can download or have it sent to me. If it sucks i delete it 😉
5. I would say it also inspired the creation of many other peer 2 peer sharing. Kazaa, Lime wire, torrents, illegal or not I would say mp3s inspired those to be created for people to be able to share easier.
1. Artist’s losing a grip on $$ for leaked digital media.
2. Its basically stealing when you think about it. They make no money of a download and the artist get a lower budget from their labels knowing this.
3.  Boot legging is a problem. I download for my personal enjoyment not to make money off the work of another individual.
I’m sure there’s a ton of pros and cons we can all think of but what it all boils down to. Its here its part of our digital life and in a way we hate to love it but we do. In no way am i motivating or implying that you downloading copyrighted material is right. All I’m saying is take a deeper look at what this technology has blessed us with and be thankful. Instead of my Insignia mp3 player I could be walking around with my huge Sony Walkman with fuzzy covered headphones and extra bass switch popping my tape reel when i rewind my favorite song

T-mobile blackberry as a pc modem

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Before i go on with the trick to make your mobile into a modem. Feel free to visit me at for some music. Over at forums spikedzombies posted

this neat trick to make your blackberry into a portalable modem.

Ensure the Connection field displays USB-PIN: and click OK.
Click Start and then Control Panel.
Double click the Phone and Modem Options icon.
Click the Modems tab.
Click once on the Standard Modem then click Properties.
Click the Advanced tab.
Type +cgdcont=1,"IP","" in the Extra initialization commands field. (USE THE " AND NOT SINGLE ' FOR THE QUOTES)
Click OK twice.

Setting up the connection

On the PC, return to the Control Panel.
Double click the Network Connections icon.
Under Network Tasks, click Create a new connection.
A New Connection Wizard will appear, click Next.
Click to select Connect to the Internet and click Next.
Click to select Set up my connection manually and click Next.
Click to select Connect using a dial-up modem and click Next.
If prompted, click to select Standard Modem over Blue tooth link.
Ensure it is the only modem selected and then click Next.
Enter T-Mobile GPRS in the ISP Name field and then click Next.
Enter *99# in the Phone Number field and then click Next.
Ensure the User name, Password and Confirm password fields are blank.
Click to select from the available options and then click Next.
Click Finish.

Making the connection

On the PC, a Connect T-Mobile GPRS dialog will appear.
Ensure the User name and Password fields are blank.
Ensure *99# is displayed in the Dial field.
Click Dial.
You will now be connected to the T-Mobile GPRS service

Where are they now?

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Boom Im back with another hottie of the day. My homegirl dream wifey. You can find her on Show n tell channel. She bites. ;). TO make it clear i speak and chat and girls i post on here are friends of mine. Now on to my thoughts….. I sit here and reflect on the first day i cut out of school to go buy my Scenario tape by A tribe called quest. That night i felt a song so much that i could leave it playing overnight and wake up with the lyrics chiseled into my head. Can we do that anymore? Is it a sign of the times. Our artist lacking skills or just me ageing. I still look forward to releases from certain artist like NaS, Jay-z, and talents like Joe buddens and Joel Ortiz. I’m sorry i don’t feel lil Wayne. No disrespect. As a business man i give him all the credit in the world. He knows how to make the money. Lyrically these days allot of unknown emcees out there with insane amounts of talents are overlooked for style and looks. Allot of rappers today are making millions on catchy tunes and dumbplicity. If its catchy, you can dance to it. You win. Lyrically though and integrity wise we’ve dropped a notch or a few levels. Lets take the self proclaimed greatest rapper ever. Lil Wayne. What makes him so special? swagger and style or that he got adopted by his homeboy then kissed him? It has to be. Theres no way his skills can keep up with the likes of cassidy free styling. NaS? not even in the same class. Jigga? not even Wayne bank can see jiggas. Joe buddens ? Download or purchase mood muzik 1-3 and tell me the carter can compare. I think the difference between Wayne style and others is idiocy. The names i compared Wayne to are my favorite right now. Again its my point of view. Waynes music holds no substance. Its all feel good club music. Again I’m sorry if i singled out lil Wayne. The problem is really in general. Hip Hop has falling off. Soulja boy? Are you serious. Luke cambell had more rhyming ability then this kid. Ice-T and Snoop both admitted to kind of music being trash. When 2 legends question your ability your suspect in my eyes. Let me reflect what artist i consider hip hop. Everything from emcees to producers and Dj’s. nas, Az, mobb deep, A tribe called quest, Kanye west, Timberland, Mos Def and talib kwali, Common, The beatnuts, Dj premier, Busta Rhymes, Dead prez, Outkast, Blu, Maintain and Broadway, Organized khun fyoo zhun, The loxx, Green lantern, Clue, Joe buddens, Joel ortiz, Lupe Fiasco, Consequence, Static selektah, The Roots, Fat Joe, cl smooth and Pete rock, LL cool J, the boot camp clique, 9th wonder, alchemist, gangstar. Those are artist that get constant play on my playlists. We all have our prefences. Those are mine. I guess I’m wishing our younger artist of today spoke more on life and what they perceive and relate to the people who buy their music. I cant blame it all on them thou as I’m sure the labels put allot of pressure on them for a hit. So you do what you got do. Could be why we are seeing more artist dropping mix tape albums. Do this for me thou. Download and/or purchase Joe buddens mood muzik 3, lil Wayne the carter 3 and Joel Ortiz the bodega chronicles. All mix tape albums. Tell me what you think. Pardon the few typos in this post.