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Before i start ill leave you with my choice of hottie of the day or week or till next time i post. Can come say hi to her on Welcome to Nirvana. The birth of a new begining and the end of the existance you know. Now that i got your attention. Let me introduce myself. My name is Fatty and from now on my friends and I plan to bring you the whats what on the street. The word on music and fashion to music and eletronics. We dont plan on biting our tongue on what we think about topics. We are the truth. On music news: Today Nas the Legendary rapper/poet/emcee drops his controversial album. Untitled but pictures speak a thousand words. The N album. His album has the following peeps featured on his album, Keri Hilson, The Last Poets, Mykel, Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown, The game. I’ve heard the album when it was leaked and gotta admit its not Illmatic but right now its a breath of fresh air. On the electronics tip:Over on the the boys there have just posted a quick video on the new blackberry 9000. The phone is luxery if i had to pick a word to describe it. A bit bigger then the blackberry’s out but thinner. The price on it i believe is gonna be 299 with a 3year contract. It will be interesting to know how that newer phone will do when Blackberry is releasing the thunder. The Blackberry Thunder is Rims version of the iPhone. Samsung, Lg, iPhone, Blackberry now the war is on. [Photo] On the gaming tip: E3 show was this weekend. My resources aka g4tv and have videos of microsoft giving us some new GOOD news. Start off with how Microsoft comes out and claims they are the ones to beat with Sony and Wii losing big franchise titles to them. Now including FINAL FANTASY. Then they went to claim they are updating the XBL and 360 menus. No more slide pages then are adding a sorta VISTA like interface. To see more cool stuff with others like Sony and Nintendo head over to G4TV or or Youtube e3 2008.
Im gonna take this time for a brief shoutout to family and friends. First off shout to My real life family. Tiny, des, alana my lowfat muffin, leroy from organized khunfyoozhuhn. Theft his other half of the show and his family. Maintain and Broadway doing their thing dropping singles and making dreams become reality. D and carmin cant forget you. My sandlot peeps from nyc, Atrain, truck, mugsy, milk, brian and jin their familys. My online familys Gotta shout out my gaming organization k20 known 2 own. Snax, Zerg , manowar and company making it happen in games. Last but not least my favorite disfunctional family. The ones that would make ozzy osbourne say WHAT THE FUCK. My show n tell buddies and misfits.Come visit us on Find us in group chat as show n tell. Biggest hangout on there. Next time i post. Ill speak on some shows and stuff that is on my mind about whats been going in my head and yours. peace.