Jet li

The Forbidden Kingdom

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Ah yes. Who would want if your a martial artist fan. To see Jackie Chan and jet li go at it was epic. The movie is martial arts meets fantasy. I found it entertaining , nice story, fighting, wimp learns kung fu and falls for girl. Nothing new there. I guess the big thing about this movie was the scene with Chan vs Li. Fun movie I’m not sure if I’d buy it but definite must see for fighting fanatics and martial arts fans. I’m blogging off my blackberry right now so ill add trailers when I get on the PC and maybe a torrent for movie.


The mummy 3

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Quick review from my point of view. I think it was a good theatre movie. One of those have fun movies you know. Buy some popcorn and enjoy the story or the action. I would still prefer the Indiana Jones over this tho. I’m just a Indiana Jones fan boy I guess. This wasn’t bad at all tho go and have fun with it.

It has Brandon Frazier, Jet Li, and the other girl from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Which is one of the main reasons i watched it. I’m not disappointed but not blown away. Like it was fun tho =)