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T-mobile blackberry as a pc modem

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Before i go on with the trick to make your mobile into a modem. Feel free to visit me at

fattydakid.listen2myradio.com for some music. Over at Crackberry.com forums spikedzombies posted

this neat trick to make your blackberry into a portalable modem.

Ensure the Connection field displays USB-PIN: and click OK.
Click Start and then Control Panel.
Double click the Phone and Modem Options icon.
Click the Modems tab.
Click once on the Standard Modem then click Properties.
Click the Advanced tab.
Type +cgdcont=1,"IP","wap.voicestream.com" in the Extra initialization commands field. (USE THE " AND NOT SINGLE ' FOR THE QUOTES)
Click OK twice.

Setting up the connection

On the PC, return to the Control Panel.
Double click the Network Connections icon.
Under Network Tasks, click Create a new connection.
A New Connection Wizard will appear, click Next.
Click to select Connect to the Internet and click Next.
Click to select Set up my connection manually and click Next.
Click to select Connect using a dial-up modem and click Next.
If prompted, click to select Standard Modem over Blue tooth link.
Ensure it is the only modem selected and then click Next.
Enter T-Mobile GPRS in the ISP Name field and then click Next.
Enter *99# in the Phone Number field and then click Next.
Ensure the User name, Password and Confirm password fields are blank.
Click to select from the available options and then click Next.
Click Finish.

Making the connection

On the PC, a Connect T-Mobile GPRS dialog will appear.
Ensure the User name and Password fields are blank.
Ensure *99# is displayed in the Dial field.
Click Dial.
You will now be connected to the T-Mobile GPRS service

Knock knock anyone home….

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Last nights fight was awesome by the way. Cotto Vs margarito lived up to the hype. Margarito showed he was not all hype. Cotto showed a heart of a champion but eventually was overwhelmed with Margarito’s relentless assault and determination. Cotto fell in the 11th when his corner jumped in to stop the fight.

The yanks on a 8-9 game winning streak. No matter how much hate the team endures never count them out. The mets are up a couple games in their division as well. See if they can manage to not blow it like Feliciano.

Whats on my brain today. I figured I’de post the tribute to nyc vid above and talk about my favorite emcees and why. To start off the controversy Pac is not on my list. Ive always been east coast biased. Go ahead i feel the flames. Lets move on.

First I’m gonna start off with my boy.

1 NaS. To me not only the best lyricist but also on his own world. While most ride the wave of a trend Nasir waits for his own wave to ride. Since what is considered the best album of all time THEE classic among all classic albums Illmatic still is what all his later projects are compared to. What all Veterans and legends in the game compare albums to. Whether it was Dre’s chronic to Jay-z reasonable doubt both big classics as well, they fall short of reaching what illmatic sparked.  In what is probably the biggest battle in hip hop history behind the one and only big vs 2pac, NaS bounced back from taking a big smack in the face from the Takeover song from Jay-z where he claimed “Nas drops 1 hot album every 10 years” to reign as the king of new york when he dispatched of the king of nyc at the time Jay-z with Either. NaS not being new to criticism from dropped 2 wack albums after it was written was also being dissed by Biggie on his last album life after death in kick in the door. The skit before where mad rapper claimed to drop 4 albums and still at home was aimed at NaS.

2 Jay-z, No one has done it like the man. He came from Hawaiian Sophie fame with Jaz-o to Show N prove with Big Daddy Kane then to Original Flavor then to his classic Dead President finally on his own. Reasonable Doubt hit the stores and he never looked back. Songs like Dead presidents, Aint no nigga, D`evils, Cant knock the hustle and In my lifetime where instant classics. Then came the Rocafella revolution with the 3 self titled albums Sean Carter in my lifetime vol 1-3 was just more classics and more hits and more fame. That eventually lead him to start business’s like Rocawear and he had Rocafella records during this stint in his carreer. Making movies, becoming part owned of the New Jersey Nets and later hired to run Def Jam but sucked at. Reason i dig jayz goes beyond his music ability. So the dude can smash anyone in the game money wise but he can spit. Freestyling songs off his head and making hits is just way to much skill for youngin’s today to comprehend right soulja boy?. His style and approach to songs and ability to play with them with word play is insane.

3. Raekwon the Chef. A member of the legendary wu tang clan and part of the infamous dou that brought us only built for cuban lynx stands this man. Flavor unmatched except to that of his partner The GhostFace killer. No one in the game can metaphorically chop a song down like yayo like  Raekwon and his slang. His aproach to songs is unpoint and just out there. There will be times where your like wow and other times like Wtf does that mean and rewind the track. His ability to infuse original flows and lyrics with the help of his Wu tang counterparts make him one of my favorites.

4.  The Punisher Big Pun. His early death and negligence from people around him caused us a great lyricist and artist. Pun was a machine gun of lyrics just coming at you. Kapital Punishment took the world by storm. Your not a killer, Beware, Not a player, Twins blew up and it was a wrap the Bronx born Latin rap god to most was on his way. Unfortunately his early demise after dropping his second album left us hurting and wanting more. I loved pun for his lyrics and style. He jumped on a track and attacked it like a fat kid at lunch. He just wanted to eat emcees up.

5. Eminem. Who can say more about this man. Lyrics out the wahzoo. Yea i said wahzoo 😉 Dre’s pot of gold at the end of the rainbow took the MTv world like storm. Crazy antics and lyrics and the ability to freestyle made this guy one of the best ever. World play , smarts, battle rapper you dont wanna mess with Em. Went on to make the hit movie 8 mile aswell, performed live with Elton john and countless others. I dig Eminem because he doesn’t pretend to be what hes not, hes got problems with Haley his momma and gf just like the rest of us and expressed it. First battle rapper i feel that could actually lay down a album that i would go and buy.

6. Joey with that on top music. Mr. Joe Buddens. Who i admit didn’t like to much when first came out free styling on the desert storm clue tapes. Then dropped Pump it up and blew up around the world to make a dent on the scene. Followed by the self title album Joe Buddens. The album was Fire with songs like pump it up, Pusher Man, 10 minutes and others. Despite being signed to Dej Jam he was put aside thus losing alot of publicity and acknowledgment. Then came what i feel the industry needed someone to open our eyes while the game was being watered down with ringtone rappers. MURDA MUZIK! Are you on the mood yet!? parts 1-3 are considered some of the best mixtape albums ever. Reason why I like Joe Buddens is not only can he do anythign a real emcee can do, but he can do it better. Listen to his songs or freestyles and you can tell the man has seen and learned allot in life. The break up of Rocafella that he managed to get on just before it fell apart. The Drug problems in his life the man spits the Truth about everything. Life, The game, Rappers, Rhyming you name it. If you got problems finding food for your dogs Joey got a song for it, thats how much substance this man has with his songs.

7. Joel Ortiz. I know its way to early to consider him one of the top spitters in the game but the man has skills. No gimmicks just rhymes for days. Already had songs with NaS, Joe buddens, Smiff n Wesson, Kool G rap and Big Daddy Kane. The man can put it down. Reason why i feel him is cause he seems like the next door neighbor who i grew up with playing Live or madden with. Talking shit on the hand ball courts or hooping it up and even better is he hasnt forgot where hes from. Signed by Aftermath we should hear big things from this dude in no time soon.

8. Cassidy. Lyrics, Punchlines for years. Made his fame by battling his way up and earning a name to signing with swizz beats. Did his thing with R.kelly and countless others on albums but really well known for his battle with another Philly artist you should know Freeway and destroying him. Reason i like Cassidy is his aproach and how easy he destroys beats when he freestyles. Would i buy Cassidy’s album and keep in rotation 24/7 …No. Would i battle him and question his ability to spit Fuck no. The boy puts it down and is probably one of the best battle rappers out there.

9. Jadakiss. Who doesn’t know this man here. A member of the loxx and rough rider camp and now a rocafella boy. jada has been showing his skill in the game for awhile now. Running with biggie and the badboy family dressing in aluminum foil and dropping if you think I’m jiggy and still making it HOT. I love Jada cause of his flamboyant , i know i can or I told you so style. Spits like its nothing and kills everything he is on.

10. soulja boy  <—–JOKE.

OK now for the real number 10.

10. Rakim. The legend. The great partner of the group Eric b & Rakim. I’m still thinking of a master plan to describe this mans ability to kill anything he rhymes on. Songs and freestyles considered by many one of the greatest ever if not the greatest. I cant really say why i like Rakim besides his classic songs like Paid in Full, Pump up the volume and other countless songs. You give respect where it is due and this man gets respected by everyone.

Pardon the typos and miss spellings i did this fast. Enjoy.

Pre Fight Night and other news.

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Another friday night. Another week past. As we build towards tomorrows showdown between 2 of the power houses in boxing. Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito. The beers are being stored. The chips and salsa waiting to be torn open and the minutes tick down to the fight. The Battle.

I’m gonna try and keep this brief. Its gonna be a war. It’s gonna be a toe to toe brawl in a contest of who can absorb more punishment. Cotto in the past has been wobbled bad and has maintained his posture to come back and destroy his opponent. Cotto has also fought more recognized veterans like Zab Judah and Shane Mosely and won. Margarito on the other hand has 5 losses. 4 early on during his career and 1 to one of the young up and coming champs in the devision Paul Williams. Who then lost to Carlos Quintana but then came back and knocked out Quintana to retain his title. Cotto destroy Quintana when they met and finaly ending in Quintana not coming out of the corner.  Margarito also destroyed another up and coming star at the time Kermit Cintron. Twice. The first fight was the closest you come to seeing a man breakdown during a fight or when the pressure was on. The second fight Cintron showed more heart but with the same resolve as the fight ended with a viscious body shot from Margarito. With this said both men have traveled a long path to finaly meet at the top of the mountain and to see who’s rightful spot that belongs to. Forgive my Larry Merchant type babble but it just seemed fitting. Enjoy the fight tomorrow its on Hbo pay per view.

On to Blackberry news. It seems that T-mobile is releasing a new sunset colored BlackBerry Curve.

More phones for the holidays. The Blackberry bold 9000 and in the future the Thunderstorm aka Blackberrys answer to the iPhone. The BlackBerry kick start all coming to us aswell there will be no shortage of friends for Blackberry messenger.


Kickstart 8820

On gaming news: EsReality has a nice interview with the games first pro-gamer. The name struck fear into me and many others when word was out that he joined the server you felt you where dominating. Yes my old school quake buddies. THRESH. He talks about what he has been upto and how feels the industry has changed when it comes to competing and when it comes to the business aspect and what he has been upto.

On the hip hop music note: Nas dropped his Untitled album. G-unit also dropped terminate on sight. Other notable artist who dropped in july are, David Banner “The greatest story ever told”, Killer Mike “I pledge allegiance to the Grind 2”, Elzhi “the preface”. I have heard any of these but the NaS untitled album and get my review on it real quick its good but its no illmatic or it was written. Even though i felt it could of been better Its better then alot of the mainstream hip pop out there. A good album to compliment the NaS untitled album is his old partners AZ mixtape. Not sure of the name.

So if your in the nyc area go check that out. Can get your tickets in the link im providing below.


Ok guys im off for the weekend. Have a good one.

Where are they now?

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Boom Im back with another hottie of the day. My homegirl dream wifey. You can find her on stickam.com. Show n tell channel. She bites. ;). TO make it clear i speak and chat and girls i post on here are friends of mine. Now on to my thoughts….. I sit here and reflect on the first day i cut out of school to go buy my Scenario tape by A tribe called quest. That night i felt a song so much that i could leave it playing overnight and wake up with the lyrics chiseled into my head. Can we do that anymore? Is it a sign of the times. Our artist lacking skills or just me ageing. I still look forward to releases from certain artist like NaS, Jay-z, and talents like Joe buddens and Joel Ortiz. I’m sorry i don’t feel lil Wayne. No disrespect. As a business man i give him all the credit in the world. He knows how to make the money. Lyrically these days allot of unknown emcees out there with insane amounts of talents are overlooked for style and looks. Allot of rappers today are making millions on catchy tunes and dumbplicity. If its catchy, you can dance to it. You win. Lyrically though and integrity wise we’ve dropped a notch or a few levels. Lets take the self proclaimed greatest rapper ever. Lil Wayne. What makes him so special? swagger and style or that he got adopted by his homeboy then kissed him? It has to be. Theres no way his skills can keep up with the likes of cassidy free styling. NaS? not even in the same class. Jigga? not even Wayne bank can see jiggas. Joe buddens ? Download or purchase mood muzik 1-3 and tell me the carter can compare. I think the difference between Wayne style and others is idiocy. The names i compared Wayne to are my favorite right now. Again its my point of view. Waynes music holds no substance. Its all feel good club music. Again I’m sorry if i singled out lil Wayne. The problem is really in general. Hip Hop has falling off. Soulja boy? Are you serious. Luke cambell had more rhyming ability then this kid. Ice-T and Snoop both admitted to kind of music being trash. When 2 legends question your ability your suspect in my eyes. Let me reflect what artist i consider hip hop. Everything from emcees to producers and Dj’s. nas, Az, mobb deep, A tribe called quest, Kanye west, Timberland, Mos Def and talib kwali, Common, The beatnuts, Dj premier, Busta Rhymes, Dead prez, Outkast, Blu, Maintain and Broadway, Organized khun fyoo zhun, The loxx, Green lantern, Clue, Joe buddens, Joel ortiz, Lupe Fiasco, Consequence, Static selektah, The Roots, Fat Joe, cl smooth and Pete rock, LL cool J, the boot camp clique, 9th wonder, alchemist, gangstar. Those are artist that get constant play on my playlists. We all have our prefences. Those are mine. I guess I’m wishing our younger artist of today spoke more on life and what they perceive and relate to the people who buy their music. I cant blame it all on them thou as I’m sure the labels put allot of pressure on them for a hit. So you do what you got do. Could be why we are seeing more artist dropping mix tape albums. Do this for me thou. Download and/or purchase Joe buddens mood muzik 3, lil Wayne the carter 3 and Joel Ortiz the bodega chronicles. All mix tape albums. Tell me what you think. Pardon the few typos in this post.