iTunes and the App Store. The difference between the 2.

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itunes-12 App-Store

Apple’s iTunes and Macbook App store.

These 2 places are the same but different. Different but the same in concept. At this point i am probably not making any sense. That is unless your eco system is all Apple. The difference is what it provides for you and your specific device.
The iTunes store provides you with music, movies, apps. This option is works for all devices except the apps which will only work on your portables. MacBooks and iMacs and the mac mini have their own app store. Which provide you with a bigger scale of the programs you may want. For example: Microsoft word on your iPad is designed for your iPad. You might not get the same bells and whistles that you would get with the desktop version. Things are more scaled to the platform they are going to be used on. So if you need to buy media and so on, You can do this through iTunes on your macbook and if you need a program like iMovie you can find this in the App store.

Here is a video showcasing the difference between the two. As you can see iTunes only shows 2 tabs. iPhone and iPad. Most of the apps and games in the iTunes library cater to those 2 devices. Now you can buy music and movies and still see them on all your devices which are linked together. Assuming you use the same Apple ID across your eco system.

So remember iTunes can hold all your media. Apple store is where you buy your software for you desktop devices or MacBooks. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to email me.


Guide to modding your ps3

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What your about to read is not my article. I found this article over at I take no responsibility for any damage you cause to your system if you decided to try this. I did not originally write this article or guide.  Enjoy the read.

A very detailed look at replacing the SATA hard drive in your PS3. This one is a 20gb unit.

Equipment needed:

  • Larger SATA notebook (2.5″) hard drive (hd), 5400rpm or 7400rpm.
  • External hd or large USB drive formatted to FAT32 to backup your PS3 downloads or anything on the oem hd. (optional)
    • 32gb is the larger FAT32 partition for Windows XP. So if you fill up the 60gb ps3 drive you can’t back up the whole drive.
    • Maybe a larger partition can be made on a MacOS but we’re not familiar.
  • A ph1 or ph2 sized phillips screwdriver to avoid stripping the hard drive screws.
    • Be very careful because the screws maybe orvertorqued and are soft.

Instructions on upgrading the ps3 hard drive.

  1. Connect the external hd or usb drive by usb to the ps3. Turn on the external hd.
  2. Turn on the ps3.
  3. Backup the ps3 data. (optional)
    • On the ps3 xmb
      • Settings – System Settings – Backup Utility – Backup
        • The duration of this process will depend on the amount of data on the ps3.
  4. Turn off the ps3 and unplug all cables from the rear.
  5. On the right hand side of the ps3 you will see a plastic tab with an HDD sticker. Remove this from the right edge with a thin lever.
  6. Discharge static electricity from your body. Unscrew the blue screw in the middle.
  7. Lift the tab and push the hd to the right. Now you can pull out the ps3 hd.
  8. Remove all four (4) screws that hold the oem SATA hd to the hard drive carrier.
  9. Install your new hd with the label facing up, and the ports are exposed by using the four (4) screws.
  10. Insert the hd, and hard drive carrier to the right of the ps3 hard drive port using the tab.
  11. Slide the hd to the left with the tab. You will feel the SATA and power connectors engage.
  12. Flip tab down and secure the hd with the blue screw.
  13. Reinstall the plastic hd port cover.
  14. Turn on the ps3 and it will recognize that it’s a new hd.
  15. Format the hd.
  16. A reboot of the ps3 will be required.
  17. Most of your settings will be restored.
  18. Restore the ps3 data. (optional)
    • On the ps3 xmb
      • Settings – System Settings – Backup Utility – Restore
        • The duration of this process will depend on the amount of data on the external hd.
  19. A reboot will need to be performed.
  20. ps3 hard drive upgrade completed.

Below I provided a video that they used on the site to show whats going on.