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Wow it has been awhile since I have posted on this blog. I have been caught in school working on my associates degree in computer information. I have trapped in street fighter 4 and a pool of other stuff.  I figured I would come back and prove to you that karma might actually exist.  Here’s my story.

I think you guys recall me posting heavy into Blackberry. I had how to guides on making ring tones etc. I had posted on the sidekick, htc phones etc. Then I managed to trade my curve for an iPhone. I went from blackberry fan boy to iPhone fan boy.  I had traded my xbox 360 for the curve that got me my first iPhone. So this time around. Few months passed of having my iPhone, i decided my fever was over and went to trade it back for an xbox 360 that i wanted because street fighter 4 was coming out and I’m a huge fanatic for the past 20 years. Btw check out, that’s my other blog.  So now i got my xbox back, few months after that i need a phone,  i start school with no way of communicating with the out side social world we live in.  So i go get on the cheap flex pay plan from T-mobile and get 2 free curves sunset. wooot. 2 weeks later i trade my sunset for another iPhone. YAY. HOLD ON, the phone starts spazzing out. It is not responding or anything so I restore a couple of times, the phone seemed to be fixed for a couple of hours before messing up again. DAMN IT. I felt like i got ripped off. I check out the apple support and stuff pop in the information they want and lord and behold it still had 5 days of warranty on it.  Now i pray to god someone at the at&t store could help me. So i go there and there’s no way of getting a sim card this and that, girl asks me why don’t you just try getting on at&t and see if you get a newer one. So i try and OMG im accepted, so i walk out on a 2 year contract and family plan and my mom on a new phone. Now i got to go home and pop in the sim card and call apple for support. I did it they run me through these procedures. Made me an appointment and i show up to that appointment. The dude looks at it, checks it for water damage and says, since the phone isn’t acting up now and it stuff im just gonna go ahead and place an order for you on a replacement phone since you only have 1 day left of warranty. Is there a god, I don’t know. I just know there’s a big Apple. lmao.


New blackberry javelin pics and others

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Hey guys sorry i have been slacking off on providing you guys with useful things or tips to read. Below i come back with some pictures from over at crackberry where they compare the phones below is the Blackberry Javelin vs the curve.

As you can see the javelin looks great. It’s basically the Curve meets the Bold. The Cold or the Burve. OK that was my attempt at a funny. They seem about the same in width in height but the Javelin comes pack with more fire power. More build in internal memory i believe its 1gig plus an expansion slot. Below is another picture comparing the 3 new phones coming to us.

Thats the Bold, the Javelin and the KickStart. Right now for Rodgers customers its gonna be a pretty penny to get these. For example below is a pic of the Kickstart promo for Rodgers.

That’s 149.99 with a 3 year contract. A bit pricey for my pockets. Not to sure how much the Bold will be but I’m expecting $$ even with a long term contract. For those wanting a Blackberry phone. A heads up is Blackberry aren’t cheap but you get what you pay for a great phone.

Now I love Blackberry. Just not the prices. My T-mobile plan is the cheapest 29.99, unlimited texting, unlimited email and Internet and I’m etc. At the end of the day I’m still paying $82 and that’s without unlimited nights(i only got unlimited weekends trying to save a buck). So for 20 bucks more i can just pay $99.99 and get unlimited everything. Thank god tho its only Flex Pay with T-mobile so when i cant keep up with the bill its not on contract. Then again with a Sidekick i would be paying $49.99 for everything with my current setup. Both are awesome phones. T-mobile plz make unlimited nights standard with your plans. At 29.99 you would kick ass. In my area allot of people are opting for Metro PCS because its unlimited everything day and night for one base price or least make your Blackberry options one package like your Sidekicks.

Here’s a tip for you guys who wanna be on the phone all day from your house or near wi fi areas. Just pay the cheapest contract and 10 bux more for wi fi or get 2 phones on a family plan for $60 which automatically comes with unlimited nights and weekends and fav 5. Now im about to pay my $82 bucks and drop my Internet service to just have the phone and texting and wi fi. Wi fi just so i can call and receive all day. If i make a call from my wi fi router and walk to alaska its still a free call cause i made it from a hot spot or wi fi connection. wooot. =) You can do these things i think are better to save a buck or just go Sidekick or just pay the $99 bucks a month for unlimited everything on 1 phone or again just get 2 phones on the family plan or 3 or 4 with some buddies add in your options and probably still be cheaper individually then 1 Blackberry with everything.  Btw new OS 4.6 is out. Ill post on that later. Hope you enjoyed your ribs and chicken on labor day.

Thanks to for the pics and news.

some programs i have been trying on my blackberry curve

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Before i begin let me start off by saying new Desktop Manager 4.6 is out over at the site.

On the note of Blackberry. The Bold will be selling for $399.99 to those who use the Rogers carrier with a 2 year contract. Thats kinda steap, maybe the iPhone 3g wins this round so far but we will have to see what our North america carriers do with price. Now unto the programs.

Vigo – Is a little program that gives you updates on numerous things. News, sports, etc. Best thing about it is that its free. the link if you want to download it to your pc. They should have a direct link to download to your phone aswell somewhere on the site.

The next goodie i messed with is NOT new. New to me. The google maps feature. Is insane. I found every local place i go to with just adding the name to the search feature. For example: Pizza or Win dixie. The program finds your current location and pin points where you are or real close to it. Then can search to whatever you want. Give you all the info to the place. Number, address, directions to get there. Even a guide on the map you can just follow. Kinda scary to reminds me of the 80s song “Feels like somebodys watching meee”.

The link i believe is on your phone or just google “mobile google maps”. Either one should lead you to the program.

These links below are so you can get some themes on your phone. These themes are ones i use. I have 4.5 os update on phone tho and get the latest desktop manager. These themes are for 83xx model blackberry.

Email these links to yourself on the phone and click on link or just type out the link on your phone browser. Sorry i forgot to mention it first time. – new bold design on your curve, pretty cool.

.ExternalClass .EC_hmmessage P {padding:0px;} .ExternalClass body.EC_hmmessage {font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;} – very cool main menu with round menu icons setup

How to Pimp my BlackBerry

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First thing you will need is your Desktop manager. Make sure you get the latest one from
Next a site to download themes from. Now themes will depend on the version of the operating system you have on the phone.
ALot of people are still probably running 4.2 for the curve maybe older on other phones. I’ve got 4.5 which gave me a few extra things.
Like video recording and voice notes. Another thing that came with the 4.5 update is the new menu setup. Other Blackberry update as well but the options that where included vary.
FOr example the Pearl got the update but still cant record videos.

She makes excellent themes. Can get them OTA(on the air). TO get the Desktop Manager files you will have to pay $3 bucks. Well Worth it though.

I’m gonna go ahead and presume you guys have the latest Os installed.
Themes when downloaded consist of 2 files alx and cod files. Those are extensions.
In simple terms its like when you download music you might see, the name of a file followed by .mp3.
Same thing here. Make sure your phone is plugged into the PC and run Desktop Manager. Once it detects your phone we can go ahead.
On the lower left part of desktop manager you should see Device connected (pin) then some numbers, that’s your phone.
In the main part of the window you should see some icons. The one you are going to need for this article is Application Loader.
You should see 2 new screens. An Add/Remove applications and a Update Applications. Select the Add Applications by clicking on the start.
Once in there you should see some applications you have on your phone or you might not. I see a few themes i have installed. Don’t worry about it.
If you are using the old Desktop Manager you will probably see alot of programs pop up. Don’t worry about that either. Select the add or browse option and this is where you select the new theme to be added.
Find the alx file for the theme you have downloaded and click open or add it. You will notice the loading bar come up on Desktop Manager and it is installing. Once its done you might notice a couple of things.
Might notice your phone reset or load for a second or it might not do anything. OK now to get the theme working. On your phone open up the main menu icons and look for options. Once in options scroll down to themes.
The name of the Theme you just installed should show up. Hit the select button or  for curve or pearl users click the mouse ball. It’ll take it a few seconds to organize everything like changing icons, fonts etc.
You should be up and running.

Part 2 of this article is how to install on the air themes. OTA. This means you find a theme you want and have the link to download it sent to your phone.
This usually requires you to register to a site with themes for your phone and having them email it to you. Once you get the email it should provide you a link to download it directly.
Just scroll down to the link and click it. There should be a “do you want to download it now” option. You select Yes and the theme will be downloaded and installed automatically. You then do like the above paragraph.
Go to options. You select themes. Pick the one you just downloaded and installed and click on it or select it. The rest is wait a few seconds for phone to set it up. Some phones might take longer then others.

ANother thing to remember depending on your phones versions of OS(operating system) those are the theme versions you can use. SO if your phone is still 4.2 you cant use 4.5. Although some people make the same themes for different version of phones.

Remember what you need to do this stuff all vary on phones.

1. Desktop Manager( i use 4.5 with media manager)
2. Usb cable to PC for phone.
3. A place or site to get Themes. I use and In the forums sections you’ll find all the info you need on phones, themes and software for your phones.
4. Just follow instructions.

Enjoy your pimped out blackberry =)

my curve with the BeBold theme
my curve with the BeBold theme

picture quality sucks sorry about that.

Pre Fight Night and other news.

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Another friday night. Another week past. As we build towards tomorrows showdown between 2 of the power houses in boxing. Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito. The beers are being stored. The chips and salsa waiting to be torn open and the minutes tick down to the fight. The Battle.

I’m gonna try and keep this brief. Its gonna be a war. It’s gonna be a toe to toe brawl in a contest of who can absorb more punishment. Cotto in the past has been wobbled bad and has maintained his posture to come back and destroy his opponent. Cotto has also fought more recognized veterans like Zab Judah and Shane Mosely and won. Margarito on the other hand has 5 losses. 4 early on during his career and 1 to one of the young up and coming champs in the devision Paul Williams. Who then lost to Carlos Quintana but then came back and knocked out Quintana to retain his title. Cotto destroy Quintana when they met and finaly ending in Quintana not coming out of the corner.  Margarito also destroyed another up and coming star at the time Kermit Cintron. Twice. The first fight was the closest you come to seeing a man breakdown during a fight or when the pressure was on. The second fight Cintron showed more heart but with the same resolve as the fight ended with a viscious body shot from Margarito. With this said both men have traveled a long path to finaly meet at the top of the mountain and to see who’s rightful spot that belongs to. Forgive my Larry Merchant type babble but it just seemed fitting. Enjoy the fight tomorrow its on Hbo pay per view.

On to Blackberry news. It seems that T-mobile is releasing a new sunset colored BlackBerry Curve.

More phones for the holidays. The Blackberry bold 9000 and in the future the Thunderstorm aka Blackberrys answer to the iPhone. The BlackBerry kick start all coming to us aswell there will be no shortage of friends for Blackberry messenger.


Kickstart 8820

On gaming news: EsReality has a nice interview with the games first pro-gamer. The name struck fear into me and many others when word was out that he joined the server you felt you where dominating. Yes my old school quake buddies. THRESH. He talks about what he has been upto and how feels the industry has changed when it comes to competing and when it comes to the business aspect and what he has been upto.

On the hip hop music note: Nas dropped his Untitled album. G-unit also dropped terminate on sight. Other notable artist who dropped in july are, David Banner “The greatest story ever told”, Killer Mike “I pledge allegiance to the Grind 2”, Elzhi “the preface”. I have heard any of these but the NaS untitled album and get my review on it real quick its good but its no illmatic or it was written. Even though i felt it could of been better Its better then alot of the mainstream hip pop out there. A good album to compliment the NaS untitled album is his old partners AZ mixtape. Not sure of the name.

So if your in the nyc area go check that out. Can get your tickets in the link im providing below.

Ok guys im off for the weekend. Have a good one.