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Hey guys whats up? I figure today ill tap into something I’ve loved all my life and done since i was a we kid. Since i got my first Atari 2600 till recently when I sold my Xbox I have been a hardcore gamer. My gamer life started on console of course then the arcades as my dad and uncle bowled away me and my cousin blew quarters. Games like Centipede, Space invaders, Golden Axe, Double Dragon, Mortal Kombat, Nba Jam and finally the mother of all arcade games Street fighter 2. I love sf2 to the point where i own 2 arcade sticks to play when company comes over. Somewhere between the ps1 era I started to discover the pc as a gaming platform on line. I had a commodore 64 before that for classics like HardBall and kung fu or was it Sidekick i don’t recall the game where one of the bonus levels you needed to knock out a bull. Anyways, I started to mess with games like Duke Nukem 3d and a demo from ID software called Quake. I fell for Quake in a heartbeat but back in the days without a real isp or connection it was basically unplayable. SO i stuck it out with my elite Packard Bell p166 and 4 gigs of memory. Duke Nukem dial up its on. I played for hours with friends. No lie since i discovered that method of gaming calls where not getting through in my house hold. Lets fast forward now to me playing through games like warcraft 2, diablo, discovering Mirc and other addicts like myself and then getting on to the first crack on the Internet. Everquest…there went my social life and everything else ;). I’m sure i wasn’t the only one as Sony still makes expansions for the game today. I put in a good 2-3 years of hardcore playing , no sleep and countless Internet hassles to just play. I used AoL, Bluelight, NEtZero, till i finally got my own real isp. IDT. I met numerous players on there who went on to travel the world and dominate there region or coast. West and East side of the US. One of the people I met and became friends with was an old evil genius player called Gemini. He went on to visit Sweden in a exhibition between NA and EU. Eu had destroyed our legends bad back then known as deathrow with players like Thresh and Unholy from netquake part of the game. Our quakeworld side of the game faired way better. Later on quake 2 came out and i wasn’t a big fan because my voodoo 1 was a really big fan of it and people where running dual voodoo 2 cards. Those cheaters! 😉 Quake 1 was still going on heavy tho, about the time celeron 300a’s came out. People overclocked those to 450, threw in a Riva Tnt2 card and packed in a whopping 128 megs of ram and we where good to go! Then through all that i was getting more and more hooked on Everquest. I was a halfling druid lvl 50 when ruins of kunark came out. That name alone brings back memories and rivalrys that went beyond the game. I seen marriages come from the game and break up in real life. Amazing huh? I played EQ through planes of power right through gates of discord and quit. SOLD my lvl 65 Shadow Knight to break the habit and get into CS source which I ended up hating and started playing CS 1.6. Through that deal CS was really going strong and Quake 3 was doing great. I found Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004. I never put my heart into 2003 but loved 2004 where i met friends i still talk to today and game with. Played through it till it died and moved on to World of Warcraft another 2 years of social life thrown away =) Made tons of more friends and it rocked. I don’t regret. To break that habit I traded this time for a good video card a x850gt agp card so I can run QUAKE 4! I was disappointed with it, people where more into painkiller had a community of like 20 pro players who where all on the circuit for cpl world tour. Saw a friend travel the world under Fatality’s crew. So after that i got into Call of duty 2 destroyed the single player never really got into the multiplayer until call of duty 4. Between that ordeal i got into half life 2 great single player game, was never a fan of multi. Played source in cal with friends and tried my hardest to get into it, watching demos and demos. Eventually i realized I was making more work out of a game then just having fun. I invest my money in a cyberpowerpc later on in the future fx 62, 7950gx2 and 2 gigs of corsair2 xms ram which I’m still running today with no problems. Welp my 7950 died and i got sent a 8800gts that runs with no problems 😉 Now im here stuck with what i feel is the death of 1v1 deathmatch games. An old fashion showdown that his been replaces with bigger world combat team oriented games. Call of duty 4, Quake Wars, Battlefield’s, Team Fortress 2 the list goes on. This weekend we get taken back to an old Lan tournament known for years with the QUake series. Where im sure most main games will be ID software based and All quake. This time tho they give us a surprise QUAKE ZERO or LIVE for free! Our first look at what i hope will revive the deathmatch genre. If your old school like myself and are hungry for fraggin the life our of people all night like we used to do…then i feel your pain. Now we have games like Halo 3 and nubbish mainstream games stealing the thunder. Whatever. Let me see what systems ive had and what games made an impact like i can play over and over for the rest of my life. Atari 2600 – pong, combat, pac man Atari 5600 – pole position Vectrix – the default game that was a rip off of asteroids but man we had some major family wars with that one. Commodore 64 – HARDBALL Nintendo – Super Mario brothers, Zelda and baseball stars Sega – Rocky, Never had a turbo graphics or the hand held which i wanted bad Sega Genesis – NBA jam, Joe Montana football, madden, nba live, lakers vs celtics, Super Nes – final fantasy 3, street fighter 2, chrono trigger Sega Dreamcast – marvel vs capcom 2, crazy taxi, jet set radio – wish i still play on chankast playstation 1 – tekken, grand turismo, and i cant remember anymore lmao n64 – Mario Kart 64 , starfox 64 and that zelda game and donkey kong 64 playstation 2 – all the games i got now, virtua fighter 4, street fighter 3 and super street fighter turbo, tekken 4, soul calibur, final fanstasy 10 and i haven’t played 12 yet , shoot me xbox – halo , splinter cell, mech warriors, fable xbox 360 – halo 2, halo 3, virtual fighters 5, guitar hero 3, forza 2 pc – quake , everquest, quake 3, world of warcraft, call of duty 4, number free games online but mainly rakion.

just a lil post of the gaming side of me with no real goal or point. Feel free to post what you had growing up and what games you remember the most.