Mobile technology and its future….

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 Technology. A word that keeps constant in our lives and forever push the limits of our imagination. All glued together by one constant key component that gells it all together. The internet. What i am writing here now is not going to be about how the internet has forever changed our lives but on how it has catapulted our technology to new heights. Computers, Smart phones and Tablets. Will forever be part of our life now and destined in our youths future.

I can rant on how great computers are already. Today i want to talk about tablets and smart phone’s. The reason is because i feel that tablets and smart phone’s will be our greatest aid in the years to come. Portability and power. Our chipset manufacturers like Samsung and Intel are creating cpu’s to run these devices at efficient enough power consumption that it doesn’t destroy a battery it comes with. At the same time increasing its power and graphics power. Let’s see Samsung just announced the exynos 5 octa. That is 8 cores in a mobile device. We are leaning towards the point of replacing some of our old hardware desktops for more mobile devices. Razor released an i7 computer tablet. That runs everything like a high end gaming desktop. Now our smart phones are pushing these high end power chips to no end. Here is an example, I currently own the Samsung galaxy note 2. Quad core processor and 2 gigs of ram.

The Samsung Galaxy note 3 will provide a Exynos 5, 8 core cpu and 3 gigs of ram. That is faster than my e8500 dual core cpu i use for gaming. Really? Question will always boil down to how much of a phone do we need. Everyone has opinions and choices and preferences. Some say the Samsung galaxy s4 is better than the Iphone 5 or vice versa. WIth a plethora of smartphones on the market and all pushing high end hardware our future looks amazing.


The Rebirth of Slick

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I have gone for a long while. I have been working on my IT degree and getting life situated. I also have been through a bunch of a new phones, from the EVO, to the epic 4g, mytouch 4g, to now the inspire and my favorite blackberry torch from sprint. I will post on my thoughts about it shortly.

Me , Myself and iPad

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It has been a minute since or maybe a year or two since i posted on this site.

I have moved on since then to my good old iPad. I am not an Apple fan boy but I am impressed with where we are going.  We have come to the age where mobility and comfort has replaced huge power house machines. It seems the further we move in technology the faster and smaller the devices get.  Now i can sit here and brag about my Apple iPad and what it can do compared to other brand named tablets but this article is more on where we stand as far advancement in technology.

Let’s start with the fun first. This aspect of the iPad is not revolutionary but a great add-on to a device. With major companies making games for the iPad its future as a mini gamer is very welcomed. Games like Madden Football. Grand theft auto:China town wars, Angry birds and Hero of Sparta the iPad, is very enjoyable as a gaming platform.  Those are only some of the game titles available. If you own a iPhone or iTouch you know they have a huge library of games.

Dungeon Hunter

Next we have reading and more reading. All types of reading though. To be completely honest I have not read as much in my life. Somehow reading on the iPad has made reading fun again. Let’s see what we can do.  If you have wi-fi or have the 3G version of the iPad you can surf the internet and have all types of access to reading. Newspapers , books etc. Below is an example. My folks are from Panama and love to read the paper from over there and with the iPad its a lot easier than on the computer or a laptop that weights way more and it looks cool compared to other people reading an old news paper.

La Estrella Panama
Books library

As you can see in the pic above its my books library.  On my iPad i currently carry 1.1 gigs worth of books. Doesn’t sound like a lot does it. In fact its 818 books.  You can also read pdf files and check your emails just like the iPhone and itouch can.

As great a device as this is there are a couple of downfalls. The biggest being no Adobe Flash from Apple. Secondly the prices on these great devices are not very friendly. $499 for the cheapest iPad with wi-fi only.

Is it worth the money? I believe it is. On one portable device you can carry your post office aka your email, hundreds or thousands of books aka library, your browser to surf anything anywhere aka your internet. Games aka your mini ps3 or Xbox. Not to mention its an iPad for your music and its your new block buster with Netflix or even with your own movies to add.

Bottom line if you decide to buy an iPad do not buy it to replace your laptop. A laptop can do so much more as far as programs, web caming etc. If you’re looking for a device to take around for social sites, checking emails on business trips or surfing the web. A device you can watch movies on a trip or even need a giant gps, the iPad can do it.

Is anyone home?

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Wow it has been awhile since I have posted on this blog. I have been caught in school working on my associates degree in computer information. I have trapped in street fighter 4 and a pool of other stuff.  I figured I would come back and prove to you that karma might actually exist.  Here’s my story.

I think you guys recall me posting heavy into Blackberry. I had how to guides on making ring tones etc. I had posted on the sidekick, htc phones etc. Then I managed to trade my curve for an iPhone. I went from blackberry fan boy to iPhone fan boy.  I had traded my xbox 360 for the curve that got me my first iPhone. So this time around. Few months passed of having my iPhone, i decided my fever was over and went to trade it back for an xbox 360 that i wanted because street fighter 4 was coming out and I’m a huge fanatic for the past 20 years. Btw check out, that’s my other blog.  So now i got my xbox back, few months after that i need a phone,  i start school with no way of communicating with the out side social world we live in.  So i go get on the cheap flex pay plan from T-mobile and get 2 free curves sunset. wooot. 2 weeks later i trade my sunset for another iPhone. YAY. HOLD ON, the phone starts spazzing out. It is not responding or anything so I restore a couple of times, the phone seemed to be fixed for a couple of hours before messing up again. DAMN IT. I felt like i got ripped off. I check out the apple support and stuff pop in the information they want and lord and behold it still had 5 days of warranty on it.  Now i pray to god someone at the at&t store could help me. So i go there and there’s no way of getting a sim card this and that, girl asks me why don’t you just try getting on at&t and see if you get a newer one. So i try and OMG im accepted, so i walk out on a 2 year contract and family plan and my mom on a new phone. Now i got to go home and pop in the sim card and call apple for support. I did it they run me through these procedures. Made me an appointment and i show up to that appointment. The dude looks at it, checks it for water damage and says, since the phone isn’t acting up now and it stuff im just gonna go ahead and place an order for you on a replacement phone since you only have 1 day left of warranty. Is there a god, I don’t know. I just know there’s a big Apple. lmao.

3g unlocked and jailbroken! hello 2009

Posted on Updated on I edited and added this post about the 3g unlock so users can see what people are saying about the 3g unlock and if it works with your carrier.

 Was doing my morning mental jog around the infinite track thats layed before me on the highway of information and one of my favorite sites “Simon’s blog” you can find the link below. Claimed the unlock software and stuff is out. So for you guys i went and got the link and the guide for you to try. Now below is just the text or steps of getting through it. The real guide is here. Pictures and follow through. Enjoy.

This link is for windows users btw. Not sure about mac users, I will look into it and update when i can.


Following the complete guide for jailbreak & unlock firmware 2.1 on iPhone 2G using QuickPwn, I received quite a number of requests from readers to write up the same guide for iPhone 3G. Before you run into the details of jailbreak, you’re probably aware that the word “Unlock” is missing in the post title. A typo? No, so far there is no solution to unlock iPhone 3G. For now, QuickPwn can only jailbreak iPhone 3G. That means you are still bind to single carrier and can’t use SIM card from other carriers. (For starter, you can check out this post to learn more about “jailbreak vs unlock”)

Important Update: This post is updated for firmware 2.2 jailbreak. If you are targeting to jailbreak firmware 2.2, please hold and read through this post first that briefly explain to you the potential impact of jailbreaking firmware 2.2.

Anyways, this post is devoted for iPhone 3G users who want to jailbreak their iPhones. If you can’t figure out a reason for jailbreaking, check out this post and see if jailbreak is for you. Okay, let’s start jailbreaking iPhone 3G.


Preparation for Jailbreak & Unlock
1. First, make sure you have upgraded to iTunes version 8.02 and backup your iPhone data by synchronizing it with iTunes.

Tip: You can download older version of iTunes here if Apple already releases a newer version of iTunes at the time you’re reading this post.
2. Download QuickPwn 2.1 and iPhone firmware 2.1 (3G). Save them all in the same folder. And unzip So make sure you have all the files in place before continue.

iPhone 2.2 Jailbreak: For those you consider to jailbreak firmware 2.2, please download QuickPwn 2.2 and iPhone firmware 2.2 (3G).

Installing iPhone Firmware via iTunes
3. Next, connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable and launch iTunes. Select your iPhone in iTunes.


4. Okay, now hold the SHIFT key and click the “Restore” button. iTunes will launch a file dialog for you to select the firmware file. Locate the “iPhone1,2_2.1_5F136_Restore.ipsw” (or “iPhone1,2_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw” for firmware 2.2) you have downloaded in previous step and click “Open”.

5. iTunes will then restore your iPhone with firmware 2.1 (or 2.2). Keep your iPhone connected, don’t touch it and wait until the process completes.


Jailbreak with QuickPwn
6. Now, your iPhone should completely restore to firmware 2.1 (or 2.2).

Note: Please activate your iPhone in iTunes first before going to the next step.

7. Launch QuickPwn to start jailbreak.


8. Ensure you have the iPhone connected and then click blue button to continue.
9. Next, you are required to provide the firmware 2.1 IPSW file. Click “Browse” button to locate it.

iPhone 2.2 Jailbreak: Please select firmware 2.2 IPSW file accordingly.

10. You can then configure the settings for QuickPwn. Normally, you can check all checkboxes (i.e. Add Cydia, add installer, Replace boot logo). But if you do not keep the Apple logo, left “Replace boot logo” unchecked. Click blue arrow button to continue.


11. Your iPhone should still be connected with USB cable. QuickPwn requests you to confirm it once again as the Jailbreak process will begin. If you’re ready, click blue arrow button to continue.


12. Now, QuickPwn starts to jailbreak your iPhone. It automatically puts the iPhone into recovery mode. After that, you’ll be asked to hold Home button for 5 seconds. Then hold Home and Power buttons together for 10 seconds. Next, release Power button and continue to hold Home button until your iPhone is in DFU mode (QuickPwn will prompt you when you’re in DFU mode, just follow what QuickPwn says).

13. While jailbreaking, your iPhone will show downloading jailbreak data, etc. And, just don’t touch your iPhone and keep waiting.

14. Once completed, QuickPwn will let you know the jailbreak process is successful. Your iPhone will be restarted.


15. Congratulation! You now complete the jailbreak process with iPhone 3G firmware 2.1 (or 2.2). Lastly, sync back your backup data with iTunes.


Links you will need for the update and unlocking and jailbreaking are

QuickPwn 2.1 –

QuickPwn 2.2 –

Latest iTunes – 

3g firmware 2.1 –,2_2.1_5F136_Restore.ipsw

3g firmware 2.2 –,2_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw


Remember to use versions corresponding with each other. for example QuickPwn 2.1 with 3g firmware 2.1 and QuickPwn 2.2 with 3g firmware 2.2. Thanks to Simons blog for this guide and info. Guys have any questions or info feel free to leave comments or check out simons blog linked on my page below. Im not responsible for you anything that breaks(they rarely do). Enjoy your new unlocked and jailbroken iPhone. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.

iPhone reviews of some of my personal programs and news

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Ok theres not really much news. Only news story is iPhone will be available now at your nearest Wal-Mart. If that doesn’t imply iphone is doing it big and everywhere i don’t know man. Blackberry is gonna have to step up and make some moves.

Ok today im gonna talk about some of my personal favorite iPhone programs that i enjoy to use. First off I’m gonna start buy saying i have a 2g phone. No i don’t have a 3g boohoo. Aside the network Internet speed there isn’t much difference. Another thing is I’m using a firmware 2.2 and its unlocked and jailbroken for T-mobile.  I’m ghetto i got a iPhone on flexpay, sue me. Ok back to the matters of hand some of my favorite programs I’ve enjoyed so far are. Myspace, Facebook, Cycorder,Wordpress,google earth,Palingro and iSports. Those are only programs i have installed. Now outside of the iPhone i use iFunbox, iRingTonemaker and VNC.  My phone is also running the Vista 2.0 theme. Ill have some screen shots of it as article goes on.

VNC is basically a remote access program. It lets you connect via wi fi to your iPhone and control it from your PC desktop. So i basically have my iPhone docked on the usb stand connected to my pc and answer and respond to emails and sms through my normal PC with kb and everything. It lets me run all the programs like it was on normal use as well. Games, app store etc.

Another program i use very much is iPhoneRingTone maker. It’s so easy to use. Pick your mp3, and select to send to your phone and done. That simple.

Next app i enjoy for the iPhone is one that comes very handy and second nature to us PC geeks. iFunbox aka our explorer. This program looks into your iPhone files and system files and lets you browse through them. Example i wanna delete some movies or songs or other worthless crap you might stack up over time. Just go to the folder and delete like a windows folder or files. There are other apps that do this same thing but I’m not sure what the others are like this is one that i use just cause it was first one i got and so easy. On another note if your into games and emulators for your iPhone and stuff this program is what you can use to cope and past over some roms to the emulator folder. Easy.

As far as my programs on my iPhone i don’t use anything out of the ordinary. Myspace, Facebook, WordPress, Palingro most of these are social programs. Ah yes almost forgot i use cycorder.   Lol at me for recording in wrong mode, seems like the landscape is the way to go. Final words on this program is get it. Save your 20 or whatever it is they are charging for iPhone recorder this beats it. Google these progs i dont have the links in hand right now.

Iphone nano rumor is out and concept pictures

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I just got my new iphone. Well not new as it is only a 2g but new for me as I have been a blackberry fan boy for a minute. Not sure what a nano iphone would do besides be smaller. Why smaller tho when the whole beauty of the iPhone is the screen that lets enjoy all the content. But regardless of my thoughts on a iPhone nano here’s the concept picture of the nano and the 3g.

Concept iPhone nano.
Concept iPhone nano.