Transitioning from windows to mac. What to know basics.

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Moving from Windows Computers to OS X.

Its like moving from earth to mars for some. Everything will seem backwards at first. Uninstalling things will seem weird, closing programs are not really closing them. A bunch of new things to experience for sure. But all is not lost in the transition. For one. A lot of your devices will work on your mac. For example. I still use my keyboard and mouse on my Macbook air. Also my gaming monitor using the display port. The toughest issue with switching over will be how to get used to the interface and how the system works.

First I will explain what programs do what for you and what you will be doing with them. Here is the list below.

1. Safari is your default OS X Apple Browser. Its OS X version of explorer. Just like on the iPhone, iPad etc. You can still download and use Chrome in OS X. So if you have a google eco system going it should work just fine.

2. Contacts is your contacts program. Where you can add people information. Everything from phone numbers to email etc. This program will also help you connect through FaceTime and iMessage with other fellow Apple users.

3. Reminder and Notes – These apps serve as just what their names claim. Reminder lets you make a list of things you need to do and notes lets you write down things quickly. Notes is your windows notepad.

4. iBooks. This program lets you have digital books right on your icon tray. You can purchase books off of iTunes and other places like amazon etc.

5.iWork is your Windows office. You have every like pages, numbers etc. Which in turn would have been your MS word and excel. You can still purchase MS office for OS X if you are not liking iWork.

6.The trash can is your recycle bin in windows.

7. Mail icon. It does just that, access your email. You can use any of your accounts in Email. From Gmail to Hotmail or your very own personal one.

8. Finder is your windows explorer icon. This button lets you search your folders for things you may need. Downloads to pictures etc.

9. Mission control lets you access different desktops. For example you could be writing notes on one desktop screen and on the other doing something completely different and Mission Control lets you arrange the programs you want running in each window.
10. LaunchPad lets you launch a variety of apps you may have installed on your system,. Going to Finder Applications can do this as well. I suggest you just drag the icon of the program you use from your applications folder to your tray.

11. App Store is where you will be getting a majority of your Apple approved programs. From your iWork programs which you can buy separately. To things like iMovie for your video editing needs. Garage band or logic pro X etc. Note: A lot of other useful programs will be had from outside of the App store.

12. iTunes is your winamp of sorts. Windows has iTunes so a lot of users will be familiar with the workings of iTunes. iTunes provides you with the ability to arrange your media. Also provides the app store to your mobile devices. Your iPhone and iPad will sync your media through iTunes. You can also buy music and movies and shows off of iTunes.


Tech advice on shopping technology for your kids.

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My suggestions for devices for kids. What they can make use of and prices. Why to get each device and which is safe proof to last.

Choices Choices Choices

Laptops – Pros: Gets a kid used to searching for stuff and using a keyboard. Later on in life they will need some type of computer knowledge for school or work . Starting early isn’t a bad thing. Kids these days are super smart and can pick up on things quick and practice their spelling, grammar and typing all in one shot.
Cons: Depending on what laptop you get or desktop things will either run smooth or not. Operating systems like windows 8.1. I love windows but i love windows 7. This mash of confusion between desktop and tablet OS i would suggest you avoid. Especially for a kid who will have to deal with screens dashing back and forth. Lack of Applications and just about everything else.

Shopping :I believe in the you get what you pay for theory. I used to be the person to buy just enough in my budget and go along with it. But i was never satisfied till i bought something great or the best at the time. The benefits is a great product that will last you awhile. But this is for kids so we want to spend just enough for them to enjoy it but not destroy our bank accounts. What kind of specs or brands do i suggest, well lets see. Theres HP, Dell, Asus and a number of other brands. It will come down to what you are willing to spend. Lets pick a price point of something compared to a Playstation 4 or Xbox one which kids love these days so you are talking 300-500 depending on the bundle. You can get computers with specs of an i5 cpu, 8 gigs of ram, and integrated graphics maybe intel 5000. This setup will be speedy enough to do everything casual on the net and some light gaming. If you want anything under 300 you will be dealing with Celeron and low ram portables which i personally hate because nothing gets to you like spending money on something that struggles to run. The i5 cpu and 8 gigs of ram will be great for a kid. For fun, for school work, for any of your work etc. Another thing to note, The more RAM the better when a computer has integrated graphics. Your video will share RAM with your system to help push the graphics. Storage space is about 500 gig or more in this price range. Which should be more than adequate for a kid or teenager to store anything he or she needs. Most mobile devices come with a wi-fi card to get online. From that point on its up to you to decide what programs your kid needs. Games, learning software, etc.

more choices and choices

Tablets – Tablets are a smaller version of a laptop. Most tablets today like the Apple iPad or Samsung’s galaxy tablets are touch screen devices. A majority run Apples IOS software or Google’s Android OS. The difference between the two are its interface and app stores. Each comes with its ups and downs but both do generally the same thing. To make it easy, think of them as over sized smart phones. Millions of applications minus the calling and texting on some. Why would i suggest a tablet for kids? Lets see.
Pros – Small and easy to carry around. Can do everything the laptop can. It has a build in camera for videos and pictures. Games and learning software. Social sites galore if your teenager is into it and all at a press of the screen. No typing in a URL to get to do some of those things and it all at your finger tips. Tablets can also watch movies, amazon prime, Netflix, hobo go and so on. Apples iPad gives you the change to pay for mobile internet. Those versions of the device usually sell for about $100 more than its counter part. Some devices you can add a sd micro card to boost your storage from 64 gig to 128. Another great thing is most tablets these days are part of your devices echo system. if you all have iphones and macbooks then the iPad might be the choice for your kid etc. With applications like iMessage and Facetime  and their cloud system to share pictures and goodies. Other brands have their variation of an echo system but none as refined as Apples.

Cons: Price for internet access with a carrier. Storage the more affordable ones usually come with 16 gigs of space only. Most apps do not take up a lot of storage but it can build up if you have a ton of applications or pictures and music and movies that you can add to your device. Mainly Apple tablets which come with pre made storage capacity. The Samsung tablets can use sd micro cards to boost their storage.

These tablets can all be purchased anywhere from I would say between 200 to 400. The 1st gen mini iPad goes for 299 if that as new. Used on Amazon I have seen them as low as $100 used and in good condition. Samsung tablets also don’t get to expensive until you start looking at their higher end products like the galaxy notes and pros. Another tablet you may see that’s great is the Nexus 7, goes for around 250-300 and is often battling the mini iPad for best 7” tablet market. It sports the newer updates from google and a very high res screen. Another tablet you may see a lot of but I would not suggest for kids is the Windows surface tablets. Those are mini laptops/tablets. The RT version is not worth the money. You can’t install your own software and need to depend on Microsoft’s miserable app store. The higher end pro surface tablets are a completely different story but for a lot more money. For a kid my suggestions would be 1st or second generation mini iPad and Samsung galaxy tabs and nexus 7. All provide a bit of everything for a kid.

Applications: Whether its a laptop or tablet you will have tons of choices to choose from. The difference is how much easier is it to do. A laptop you need to dig up applications yourself and install. Worrying about a virus, malware etc. A tablet from Apple and Samsung you will have millions of choices from paid to free to play with.

PS: Hardware on tablets aren’t as impactful as laptops. The iPad to this day runs on 1 gig of ram. Just make sure to see what brand benefits you.

Some of the best places to shop for devices for me are newegg.com and amazon.

iWatch craze and technologies effect on us. Apple does it again.

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It’s time for a change alright.

Reading on the web I found on Cnet an article that claims Apple or analyst are claiming that the iWatch will have sold 30 million or more watches by years end. That is an amazing task and shows that Apple has an amazing staying power with their products world-wide. The watches look beautiful and very cool to use. The watches all range from $349-$17,000. I myself would try the first choice. As you can see from the above picture the watch comes in a variety of setups. All which will influence the price on your watch.  As beautiful and as new as it is, why am i not excited for it as everyone else is. Let’s get into that.

Before we get started. Let me assure you i am not a hater of Apple. I am for innovation and best bang for your buck. I traded my loving and caring best friend for years my Gaming Rig for a Macbook Air because i feel there are things that Apple does right. iMac, Macbook Pros, Tablets and Phones and the good old iPod/iTouch. Each i felt provided a new experience and made things less complicated for people. iMac was an all in one experience. The Macbook pro became that all in one experience on the go. The iPad was the bridge between the at home all in one or compact Macbook pro on the go or an alternative. The iPod at the time provided us for a way to have our music without burning cd’s and carrying a Walkman etc. The iPhone revolutionized the game. The first iPhone came out just as the Motorola Razor was hitting the 50 million units sold wold wide. Then the iPhone came out and you never saw another Motorola Razor again. As a matter of fact it changed the game so much that it brought trouble to then a lot of up and coming phone ideas. The blackberry who was a giant was never able to catch up. The t mobile sidekick line etc but it was ATT and the iPhone that reigned supreme and till this day are running strong and very debatable against Samsung.

iWatch as i see it.

Now I am not saying it’s not good. I just do not think its worth it. They are providing you with another gadget to look at, that is not your phone. Which you still need to have for it to work. I’ll tell you some of the things I do like about the watch. I love the style. They offer you different colors and looks. You can change the face of the watch to match whatever you may be wearing that day. Knowing Apple there will be more 3rd party faces to be used on it. The low-end starting price. For a 1st generation I think its fair. The 10K plus line … No. If you are rich and want to blow money on something go for it. You are not getting anything different but the gold its made of as far as technology goes, you will still have our 1st generation issues and experience.  I like the medical stuff. Keeping healthy as you get older is always a good thing. I like the GPS on it. Most importantly I like the notifications of what texts and emails and calls you have gotten. You can also make calls and have Apple pay. AWESOME.

What I do not like. It is not a standalone device. Picture this scenario. You run into an Apple store excited for the next best thing. Go and purchase it. Run home to set it up to show off next day at school or work but…you do not have a iPhone to sync all your texts and calls and other stuff that would make this device amazing. No it does not have built-in GPS or Wi-fi. So what I am telling you is that…you bought another bluetooth device that will not work unless you are a iPhone user. There is no global connectivity and I doubt there will be, ever. No camera, you can show off photos synced on your phone and Macbook or iCloud service I believe but with no wi fi how are you going to show anything off on the street or somewhere with no internet. You can not take any pictures on it though. It kind of feels like an iPad stuck on wi-fi only with fewer features and more dependability on another device for it to be good. So this isn’t a device that’s changing the game. To me its a product line showing it can stay connected with each other through different connected devices. I mean Apple could make a toaster and it would probably have iCloud on it where you can do the same thing on the side.  So what is the big deal?

I feel techies and society are craving the next best thing. There has been nothing that really came out and said “This will change the world forever” in a long time….well in technology that is since maybe the iPhone(As far as computing goes. TV’s are on another planet right now)which made a communication device into a small personal computer in your pocket. I do believe it is a cool idea to see it all work on your wrist. This kind of reminds me of Halo with Cortona or any future game that shows all our protagonist with a trusty futuristic partner of sorts. Which was our iPad. Maybe I am seeing it wrong and Apple wanted to give us the James Bond feel? I think it works..but is it worth it yet? I do not know for everyone else. For me though, I am happy with my assortment of apple products before hand but this one I will skip till it becomes something very needing and independent from everything else.

As far as it effects on us goes. I believe you have your buyers who buy because it’s THAT new thing. You have others that buy things to fill in a gap where they need something. Example, Most people buy laptops because they 1. Do not want to be stuck on a big pc forever. 2. Need to have a laptop to notate or do things on the go. Then you have those who buy a laptop to experience it and say they had it. Ask yourself if you bought the next big phone that came out. If it’s an iPhone 6 plus or a Galaxy note 4. You just came over from a flip phone after 20 years of using it. You are not an everyday internet or email kind of person. Maybe read the occasional CNN article etc. Yes you can do that on the new phones but does it warrant the need to purchase? I feel sometimes people buy something way beyond their means just in the sake of wanting it. I am guilty of that myself. My previous paragraph stated I gave up my super gaming rig pc for a Macbook air. So this comes into play again for the iWatch. What purpose does it provide for you? What will it change in your everyday life. Will it have you look at your wrist during dinner instead of your phone? Will you seem cooler talking into your hand than pressing your ear to your shoulder and holding your device with every strength in your cheek. If you just signed up for 2 years to own the iPhone 6 plus will just keep it in your pocket now that you own the watch? Will you want to? These are just things to ponder while you decide if you want or need it.  Only if we can mash the iWatch design/eco system with the Samsung gear S standalone ability. 😉

Return of the Mac..and it’s not Mark Morrison

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Not to long ago the new Macbook made its return after disappearing for a little time. Remember when it was 2 choices. Macbook and Macbook Pro. Then somewhere in the ocean of Apple technology it was lost at sea. Like that movie Life of Pi. Just there with no purpose. So i can understand why it disappeared for a bit. Apple releases the Macbook Air. Has a mini iPad and Ipad Air and Normal Ipad. Mini mac and iMac and who could forget the iPhones. So you can understand why someone would buy a Macbook when you could just get something else for the price they are asking and all provided something extra. The Macbook air has ultra mobility. The Macbook pro is your laptop/workstation on the go. The ipads are something you want if you want something in between the laptop options or the iMac desktop. So lets see what the new Macbook has for us this time around and is it worth the price.

Macbook Gold 2015

There it is in all its glory from the outside. As you can see it looks amazing. Apple has never failed at giving you awesome looking devices. The gold one i am pretty sure will be the one that sells the most if people decide to purchase this version of the Macbook.  Now lets see what the screen and keyboard look like… Gold Macbook 2015

As we can see the gold Macbook looks amazing. Personally i still prefer the good ol fashion aluminum color. What i do like is the screen. It seems like the bezel is thinner so we get more real estate to work with. I believe the screen is a 12″ retina display and a full-sized keyboard. The screen resolution will give you a 2300x1440p display. They made the touchpad bigger this time around. It has force feedback to make you feel like your clicking a mouse. It is touch sensitive all around so the pressure you put on the track pad can a different result depending on the program you are running. The new Macbook comes in 3 colors. Gold, Silver and Space Gray.

The Macbook ports or should i say port. That port being your USB-C port. Which plays a 3 in 1 role. You can charge your device, use it for data transfer or as your new display port. The only other port is your headphone jack on the other side.

The hardware inside the Macbook is as follows:

Intel core M cpu

8 gigs of 1600hz ddr onboard memory

256g to 512g pcIe onboard storage

intel graphics 5300

480p facetime camera

Yosemite OS X

weight : 2 pounds

Price: $1249 and up, depending on the upgrades you want.

Now if you head over to the Apple website and do a comparison with the Macbook air 13″ you will notice you actually get more than the new Macbook. THe Macbook pro is still the best of the 3 choices. So why would Apple make a 12″ sub par hardware machine that cost more than the Macbook air 13″ and more than 2 or 3 choices of the Macbook pro? Is it their way to ease their way into introducing the all wi-fi, cloud system approach everyone is leaning towards these days?

My opinions buy an older Macbook pro and get much more. A used good Macbook pro can be found for 800 or just buy the entry-level none retina display version for 1k and do more. More space , more ports etc. Does the gold warrant 1600? I don’t think so. I am currently working on a Macbook air 11″ with less memory by far at only 64g SSD but with ports i have 2 externals connected and everything is fine. Not to mention being connected to my external monitor when at home. I would honestly give a pass to this new Macbook, it looks amazing but you have better options. Just remember everything that shines isn’t gold.

Mobile technology and its future….

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 Technology. A word that keeps constant in our lives and forever push the limits of our imagination. All glued together by one constant key component that gells it all together. The internet. What i am writing here now is not going to be about how the internet has forever changed our lives but on how it has catapulted our technology to new heights. Computers, Smart phones and Tablets. Will forever be part of our life now and destined in our youths future.

I can rant on how great computers are already. Today i want to talk about tablets and smart phone’s. The reason is because i feel that tablets and smart phone’s will be our greatest aid in the years to come. Portability and power. Our chipset manufacturers like Samsung and Intel are creating cpu’s to run these devices at efficient enough power consumption that it doesn’t destroy a battery it comes with. At the same time increasing its power and graphics power. Let’s see Samsung just announced the exynos 5 octa. That is 8 cores in a mobile device. We are leaning towards the point of replacing some of our old hardware desktops for more mobile devices. Razor released an i7 computer tablet. That runs everything like a high end gaming desktop. Now our smart phones are pushing these high end power chips to no end. Here is an example, I currently own the Samsung galaxy note 2. Quad core processor and 2 gigs of ram.

The Samsung Galaxy note 3 will provide a Exynos 5, 8 core cpu and 3 gigs of ram. That is faster than my e8500 dual core cpu i use for gaming. Really? Question will always boil down to how much of a phone do we need. Everyone has opinions and choices and preferences. Some say the Samsung galaxy s4 is better than the Iphone 5 or vice versa. WIth a plethora of smartphones on the market and all pushing high end hardware our future looks amazing.

The Rebirth of Slick

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I have gone for a long while. I have been working on my IT degree and getting life situated. I also have been through a bunch of a new phones, from the EVO, to the epic 4g, mytouch 4g, to now the inspire and my favorite blackberry torch from sprint. I will post on my thoughts about it shortly.

Is anyone home?

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Wow it has been awhile since I have posted on this blog. I have been caught in school working on my associates degree in computer information. I have trapped in street fighter 4 and a pool of other stuff.  I figured I would come back and prove to you that karma might actually exist.  Here’s my story.

I think you guys recall me posting heavy into Blackberry. I had how to guides on making ring tones etc. I had posted on the sidekick, htc phones etc. Then I managed to trade my curve for an iPhone. I went from blackberry fan boy to iPhone fan boy.  I had traded my xbox 360 for the curve that got me my first iPhone. So this time around. Few months passed of having my iPhone, i decided my fever was over and went to trade it back for an xbox 360 that i wanted because street fighter 4 was coming out and I’m a huge fanatic for the past 20 years. Btw check out known2own.wordpress.com, that’s my other blog.  So now i got my xbox back, few months after that i need a phone,  i start school with no way of communicating with the out side social world we live in.  So i go get on the cheap flex pay plan from T-mobile and get 2 free curves sunset. wooot. 2 weeks later i trade my sunset for another iPhone. YAY. HOLD ON, the phone starts spazzing out. It is not responding or anything so I restore a couple of times, the phone seemed to be fixed for a couple of hours before messing up again. DAMN IT. I felt like i got ripped off. I check out the apple support and stuff pop in the information they want and lord and behold it still had 5 days of warranty on it.  Now i pray to god someone at the at&t store could help me. So i go there and there’s no way of getting a sim card this and that, girl asks me why don’t you just try getting on at&t and see if you get a newer one. So i try and OMG im accepted, so i walk out on a 2 year contract and family plan and my mom on a new phone. Now i got to go home and pop in the sim card and call apple for support. I did it they run me through these procedures. Made me an appointment and i show up to that appointment. The dude looks at it, checks it for water damage and says, since the phone isn’t acting up now and it stuff im just gonna go ahead and place an order for you on a replacement phone since you only have 1 day left of warranty. Is there a god, I don’t know. I just know there’s a big Apple. lmao.