Obama rant.

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My affiliates over at http://organizedkuhnfyoozhuhn.wordpress.com/ have a nice picture of Obama and Kennedy. Asking if he was gonna be our next Kennedy. I’d like to start with a simple no or I hope not. Obama is about change not being what Kennedy was. You can compare expectations but I still say I hope not. I hope Obama is our first Obama.  I like every other love his speeches and the passion with how this man presents them. The drive and the will and the determination you hear in his voice as he delivers them makes you shake in your boots with thoughts of what the future has to hold for us. Cast those feelings aside and understand that our presidency’s color my change. We are the one that have to accept the change. We are the ones that are gonna to be willing to put in the effort.  We cant expect one man to do it all but he can surely set a path or guide us on a better country. I can sit here and like everyone else demolish George Bush for the choices he’s made. The wars he’s sand trapped us in.  Our economic struggle dwindling daily.

Then preach about Obama and call him our savior, our escape. I see him as the right step. The first step in many we as a country need to take.  Some see the change as the first Black man in office. I see it as the best man in office.  Is the color of his skin and where he can end up what we call change? Is change finaly realizing we patch things up at home before we try to patch things with our neighbors? Remember the word change can be seen for many different things. Whether it will catapult the blue collar worker , the minority classes or the rich politicians. Our country needs change, but not because Obama is black but because he believes in it and with his speeches that echo around the world like the Bill Mazeroski Home Run to win the pennant we cheer him on.

So in response to the article and the link I provided at the start of this article. No i don’t see the next Kennedy. I see the first Obama.



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In a world that revolves around money.
That is fueled by progress.
Created of technology
destined by man
Governed by tyrants
Mused by creativity
Influenced by materialistic items
acknowledge by creed
divided by class
sworn to laws
pledged to allegiance
The American Dream

Wars of Territory
Battles for personal gain
politics of the fortunate
The cost of freedom
The sacrifice of our citizens
Our nights of freedom
Our rights that we won
Tribute with a salute to our flag
Remembered by 21 shots at the sky
Our American Soldiers

The knowledge we absorb
The books that breed us
The teacher’s that guide us
The ones that choose to follow
The ones that want to lead
Those that take initiative
Those that help preserve it
The choices we can make
The choices you cant
Our American Freedom

`Rick Batista

Even though I don’t agree with the war. Love our soldiers. You should to.

pimpin my blackberry

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OK no pic of a hottie this time. Just me pimping my blackberry 😉 Lets see whats there to talk about today. I noticed Yahoo flip flopped on their ps3 leads console war theory. Go me and my journalistic ways *smirk*. I guess i can talk about batman and try to not give to much away. I can compare it to the last movie that had the joker in it played by Jack Nicholson. The Dark Knight starts off with a bang. No prelude to how the Joker became what he is. Which in reality was I thought good gives people something to wonder about. He does mention what lead him to be what he is during one of the scenes. I like Heaths role. He had me convinced he was loony…which is all kind of creepy as we know how he ended up. In a way where we watching a glimpse of him turning crazy during the filming? Who knows. The last Batman with Mr Jack Nicholson as the Joker was a good movie I believe as well. It portrayed the Joker as a loony way more humorous then the recent version played by Heath. The Nicholson batman was so clowny etc. This one is just crazy but in a way a genius with how he perceived himself and Batman. Again im trying to not blow the story and happenings in the movie but overall great film. Enjoyed all of it. Go see it. Dont download it this is one youll fully enjoy spending the cash to see with some hot nachos with cheese.