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Pre Fight Night and other news.

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Another friday night. Another week past. As we build towards tomorrows showdown between 2 of the power houses in boxing. Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito. The beers are being stored. The chips and salsa waiting to be torn open and the minutes tick down to the fight. The Battle.

I’m gonna try and keep this brief. Its gonna be a war. It’s gonna be a toe to toe brawl in a contest of who can absorb more punishment. Cotto in the past has been wobbled bad and has maintained his posture to come back and destroy his opponent. Cotto has also fought more recognized veterans like Zab Judah and Shane Mosely and won. Margarito on the other hand has 5 losses. 4 early on during his career and 1 to one of the young up and coming champs in the devision Paul Williams. Who then lost to Carlos Quintana but then came back and knocked out Quintana to retain his title. Cotto destroy Quintana when they met and finaly ending in Quintana not coming out of the corner.  Margarito also destroyed another up and coming star at the time Kermit Cintron. Twice. The first fight was the closest you come to seeing a man breakdown during a fight or when the pressure was on. The second fight Cintron showed more heart but with the same resolve as the fight ended with a viscious body shot from Margarito. With this said both men have traveled a long path to finaly meet at the top of the mountain and to see who’s rightful spot that belongs to. Forgive my Larry Merchant type babble but it just seemed fitting. Enjoy the fight tomorrow its on Hbo pay per view.

On to Blackberry news. It seems that T-mobile is releasing a new sunset colored BlackBerry Curve.

More phones for the holidays. The Blackberry bold 9000 and in the future the Thunderstorm aka Blackberrys answer to the iPhone. The BlackBerry kick start all coming to us aswell there will be no shortage of friends for Blackberry messenger.


Kickstart 8820

On gaming news: EsReality has a nice interview with the games first pro-gamer. The name struck fear into me and many others when word was out that he joined the server you felt you where dominating. Yes my old school quake buddies. THRESH. He talks about what he has been upto and how feels the industry has changed when it comes to competing and when it comes to the business aspect and what he has been upto.

On the hip hop music note: Nas dropped his Untitled album. G-unit also dropped terminate on sight. Other notable artist who dropped in july are, David Banner “The greatest story ever told”, Killer Mike “I pledge allegiance to the Grind 2”, Elzhi “the preface”. I have heard any of these but the NaS untitled album and get my review on it real quick its good but its no illmatic or it was written. Even though i felt it could of been better Its better then alot of the mainstream hip pop out there. A good album to compliment the NaS untitled album is his old partners AZ mixtape. Not sure of the name.

So if your in the nyc area go check that out. Can get your tickets in the link im providing below.

Ok guys im off for the weekend. Have a good one.

Obama speech in berlin.

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Good speech. Have a listen

It’s raining in my brain

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Ok this mami here is a real homie to me. I love her like mad. I feel she deserves some shine for a girl who does it all. school work family. You go kris. Ah yes more phone tech news on whats going on in the world. We all love our phones, our gadgets, our consoles but i think more then anything we love to see them fight. Seems like Starbucks dealt a nice bitch slap to T-mobile when it partnered with at&t to provide free wi-fi. T-mobile clinched its little fists and said we are not taking this no more and decided to sue Starbucks for leaving them dry. At&t, Starbucks and t-mobile came to an agreement and worked out a 5 year roaming plan for current existing t-mobile wifi customers who pay for hot spot coverage (something that should be free in my eyes). T-mobile has its flaws , I’m a customer of this company and feel just a lil twist and turns in their plans would make this the ultimate company. Like making unlimited week night calls standard like everyone else. The blackberry bold is about to release or drop and it looks amazing but is it worth the upgrade? BlackBerry Bold Smartphone Features & Specs * Size – Length: 114mm, Width: 66mm, Thickness: 14mm * Weight (with battery) – 133g (same as the 88xx series. I can attest to it!) * Memory – 1GB on-board (storage) and 128 MB Flash (applications) * Battery – 1500mAhr lithium cell * Est. Battery Life – Standby: 13 days, Talk Time: 5 hours * Network Support – UMTS: 2100 / 1900 / 850MHz, GSM: 1900 / 1800 / 900 / 850 MHz, GPRS, EDGE and HDSPA networks * Wi-Fi – 803.11a/b/g enabled * Display – HVGA, 480 x 320 pixels, Transmissive TFT LCD, supports over 65k colors * Media Player, Video Support – DivX 4, Div X 5 & 6 are partially supported, XviD is partially supported, H.263, H.264 and WMV3 * Media Player, Audio Support – .3gp, MP3, WMA9 (.wma/.asf), WMA9 Pro/WMA 10, MIDI, AMR-NB, Professional AAC/AAC+/eAAC+ * Media Player, Audio – BlackBerry Media Sync allows you to transfer your desktop iTunes music to your BlackBerry!!! * Camera – 2.0MP, 5 x digital zoom (with flash of course) * GPS – internal GPS with extended ephemeris, BB Maps is standard * Bluetooth – Bluetooth v2.0, all the normal stuff and Bluetooth Stereo Audio via A2DP and AVCRP * USB Port – Enables charging and high-speed data synchronizations via USB “A” to mini-USB “B” cable (I can personally say moving files back and forth is now lightning quick!) * Browser – HTML browsing, View Movies/Clips from websites built for mobile streaming, RSS feed support Looks like they added allot of cool bells and whistles cept some obvious design upgrades. The 1gig built in memory is awesome but if it came with a SD memory slot to add more it would of been more amazing. Aside some upgrades and looks I am not sure its a bigger upgrade then the curve and the 4.5 OS patch when it releases. On music news, seems like 50 cent is suing Taco Bell for mis-using or using his name without permission. According to Taco-Bell spokesperson they claim they made a good faith charitable offer to 50 cent to change his name for 1 day to 79 cents or 99 cents and rap his order in a commercial. 50 cent is suing Taco-Bell for 4 million dollars in damages. This isn’t the first time 50 cent has sued someone over his name and image. In 2007 he sued a game company for using him in a game called “shoot the rapper” as he walked across a rooftop and people got to take shots at him.  Now on to sports. This weekend promises to be a fun filled one in boxing. We finally get to see to mega giants go at it again. Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito. Fight takes place this Saturday. Welterweights: Miguel Cotto (32-0, 26 KOs) vs. Antonio Margarito (36-5, 26 KOs), 12 rounds, for Cotto’s title. Should be a banger.  Dont forget to visit my boys doing their thing over at Organized khun-fyoo-zhuhn. . Head on over and show them some love. Come show me some love on Join up, add me and enjoy.