Return of the Mac..and it’s not Mark Morrison

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Not to long ago the new Macbook made its return after disappearing for a little time. Remember when it was 2 choices. Macbook and Macbook Pro. Then somewhere in the ocean of Apple technology it was lost at sea. Like that movie Life of Pi. Just there with no purpose. So i can understand why it disappeared for a bit. Apple releases the Macbook Air. Has a mini iPad and Ipad Air and Normal Ipad. Mini mac and iMac and who could forget the iPhones. So you can understand why someone would buy a Macbook when you could just get something else for the price they are asking and all provided something extra. The Macbook air has ultra mobility. The Macbook pro is your laptop/workstation on the go. The ipads are something you want if you want something in between the laptop options or the iMac desktop. So lets see what the new Macbook has for us this time around and is it worth the price.

Macbook Gold 2015

There it is in all its glory from the outside. As you can see it looks amazing. Apple has never failed at giving you awesome looking devices. The gold one i am pretty sure will be the one that sells the most if people decide to purchase this version of the Macbook.  Now lets see what the screen and keyboard look like… Gold Macbook 2015

As we can see the gold Macbook looks amazing. Personally i still prefer the good ol fashion aluminum color. What i do like is the screen. It seems like the bezel is thinner so we get more real estate to work with. I believe the screen is a 12″ retina display and a full-sized keyboard. The screen resolution will give you a 2300x1440p display. They made the touchpad bigger this time around. It has force feedback to make you feel like your clicking a mouse. It is touch sensitive all around so the pressure you put on the track pad can a different result depending on the program you are running. The new Macbook comes in 3 colors. Gold, Silver and Space Gray.

The Macbook ports or should i say port. That port being your USB-C port. Which plays a 3 in 1 role. You can charge your device, use it for data transfer or as your new display port. The only other port is your headphone jack on the other side.

The hardware inside the Macbook is as follows:

Intel core M cpu

8 gigs of 1600hz ddr onboard memory

256g to 512g pcIe onboard storage

intel graphics 5300

480p facetime camera

Yosemite OS X

weight : 2 pounds

Price: $1249 and up, depending on the upgrades you want.

Now if you head over to the Apple website and do a comparison with the Macbook air 13″ you will notice you actually get more than the new Macbook. THe Macbook pro is still the best of the 3 choices. So why would Apple make a 12″ sub par hardware machine that cost more than the Macbook air 13″ and more than 2 or 3 choices of the Macbook pro? Is it their way to ease their way into introducing the all wi-fi, cloud system approach everyone is leaning towards these days?

My opinions buy an older Macbook pro and get much more. A used good Macbook pro can be found for 800 or just buy the entry-level none retina display version for 1k and do more. More space , more ports etc. Does the gold warrant 1600? I don’t think so. I am currently working on a Macbook air 11″ with less memory by far at only 64g SSD but with ports i have 2 externals connected and everything is fine. Not to mention being connected to my external monitor when at home. I would honestly give a pass to this new Macbook, it looks amazing but you have better options. Just remember everything that shines isn’t gold.


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