Month: July 2013

Mobile technology and its future….

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 Technology. A word that keeps constant in our lives and forever push the limits of our imagination. All glued together by one constant key component that gells it all together. The internet. What i am writing here now is not going to be about how the internet has forever changed our lives but on how it has catapulted our technology to new heights. Computers, Smart phones and Tablets. Will forever be part of our life now and destined in our youths future.

I can rant on how great computers are already. Today i want to talk about tablets and smart phone’s. The reason is because i feel that tablets and smart phone’s will be our greatest aid in the years to come. Portability and power. Our chipset manufacturers like Samsung and Intel are creating cpu’s to run these devices at efficient enough power consumption that it doesn’t destroy a battery it comes with. At the same time increasing its power and graphics power. Let’s see Samsung just announced the exynos 5 octa. That is 8 cores in a mobile device. We are leaning towards the point of replacing some of our old hardware desktops for more mobile devices. Razor released an i7 computer tablet. That runs everything like a high end gaming desktop. Now our smart phones are pushing these high end power chips to no end. Here is an example, I currently own the Samsung galaxy note 2. Quad core processor and 2 gigs of ram.

The Samsung Galaxy note 3 will provide a Exynos 5, 8 core cpu and 3 gigs of ram. That is faster than my e8500 dual core cpu i use for gaming. Really? Question will always boil down to how much of a phone do we need. Everyone has opinions and choices and preferences. Some say the Samsung galaxy s4 is better than the Iphone 5 or vice versa. WIth a plethora of smartphones on the market and all pushing high end hardware our future looks amazing.