Month: December 2008

iPhone reviews of some of my personal programs and news

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Ok theres not really much news. Only news story is iPhone will be available now at your nearest Wal-Mart. If that doesn’t imply iphone is doing it big and everywhere i don’t know man. Blackberry is gonna have to step up and make some moves.

Ok today im gonna talk about some of my personal favorite iPhone programs that i enjoy to use. First off I’m gonna start buy saying i have a 2g phone. No i don’t have a 3g boohoo. Aside the network Internet speed there isn’t much difference. Another thing is I’m using a firmware 2.2 and its unlocked and jailbroken for T-mobile.  I’m ghetto i got a iPhone on flexpay, sue me. Ok back to the matters of hand some of my favorite programs I’ve enjoyed so far are. Myspace, Facebook, Cycorder,Wordpress,google earth,Palingro and iSports. Those are only programs i have installed. Now outside of the iPhone i use iFunbox, iRingTonemaker and VNC.  My phone is also running the Vista 2.0 theme. Ill have some screen shots of it as article goes on.

VNC is basically a remote access program. It lets you connect via wi fi to your iPhone and control it from your PC desktop. So i basically have my iPhone docked on the usb stand connected to my pc and answer and respond to emails and sms through my normal PC with kb and everything. It lets me run all the programs like it was on normal use as well. Games, app store etc.

Another program i use very much is iPhoneRingTone maker. It’s so easy to use. Pick your mp3, and select to send to your phone and done. That simple.

Next app i enjoy for the iPhone is one that comes very handy and second nature to us PC geeks. iFunbox aka our explorer. This program looks into your iPhone files and system files and lets you browse through them. Example i wanna delete some movies or songs or other worthless crap you might stack up over time. Just go to the folder and delete like a windows folder or files. There are other apps that do this same thing but I’m not sure what the others are like this is one that i use just cause it was first one i got and so easy. On another note if your into games and emulators for your iPhone and stuff this program is what you can use to cope and past over some roms to the emulator folder. Easy.

As far as my programs on my iPhone i don’t use anything out of the ordinary. Myspace, Facebook, WordPress, Palingro most of these are social programs. Ah yes almost forgot i use cycorder.   Lol at me for recording in wrong mode, seems like the landscape is the way to go. Final words on this program is get it. Save your 20 or whatever it is they are charging for iPhone recorder this beats it. Google these progs i dont have the links in hand right now.