John Carmack quakecon 2008 video interview

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Over at they have some videos and info on whats going down at Quakecon 2008.

John Carmack legendary game designer of such classics like the Doom series, Quake series, Wolfenstein and now in the development of Rage.

He talks about his feelings towards several issues with Microsoft and making games for them.

Everything from making games for each system. Issues with Microsoft’s strict policy’s on making games using more then 1 DVD for games.

A good interview. Be warmed allot of jargon and tech talk but you can understand most of it 😉 Noob.

Below I have provided a Rage preview video

While we are on the subject of Id and John Carmack. Quakecon just passed this weekend unveiling QUake Live. A free remake of the world renown Quake III game. This version of the remake will allow any computer with hardware basically from the past 3 years to run. This version will be browser based. So any computer will be able to run it. You can find out more about these games by visiting

They also showcase a classic game being remade Wolfenstein. The game if it sticks to its root which iD is good at doing i expect all he Wolfenstein and QuakeWar fanatics to love this version in the works. Heres the trailer they showcased at QuakeCon 2008.


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