Yahoo claims Sony takes console lead on war with MS

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Ah yes another e3 show come and gone. The age old question of xbox vs PS3 and Nintendo are with us once again. Yahoo’s front page claims that the Sony Playstation 3 has taken the lead. My theory is the lead in what? A dead system can’t run. Sony and the ps3 was an epic failure at launch. It arrived like a dead newborn. Too late, too expensive, too far behind to the 360. Am i a 360 fan boy, no. I play hardcore PC games. I do own a xbox 360 tho. Maybe yahoo meant Sony took the lead over the wii. A system with no better graphics then the game cube just way more innovation then the 360 and Playstation 3. Sony has done 2 things right as far as the system goes. Blue ray player and the backwards compatibility of older gen games from Sony. Unlike the 360 who’s HD player has died and waiting for them to make old classics re playable on the new system can suck. What the 360 did do was give us everything we wanted out of the box. Internet multiplayer gaming. Online media entertainment. Pc to xbox streaming and interaction with media. Some huge blockbuster games. Like gears of war, (btw F epic for not caring about the pc unreal tournament community and ut3), Halo 3, Call of duty 4, Grand Theft Auto 4, Assassins creed, Oblivion. O yea and stealing most of Sony’s big game exclusives. Final Fantasy now on the xbox 360 wagon. If Square soft jumped ship then something must be going right at Microsoft that isn’t happening at Sony. Lets see could it be the billion dollar chip that every developer hates programing for. Unlike the 2 amd cpu and ati 2 gpu dx10 hardware in the 360?. hmm. Sony gave us…Metal gear solid 4 awesome cinematic movie that you can play part in. Has Oblivion to. Fall of man. Keep this in mind I’m not saying the ps3 sucks overall I just believe they aren’t in the lead like yahoo claims. A cheering crowd doesn’t make you the man. Ask Alex Rodriguez. Ok im gonna post some specific things from the article yahoo had in the front page when I decided to write this. “Sony impresses, Microsoft surprises,” – Sony impresses by implementing more the stuff the xbox has been doing. Releasing more games, finally? As far as the online aspect. Xbox had games and the online aspect for the past 2-3 years now. welcome to 3 years ago. xbox 1- sony 0 “Despite rumors of price cuts, Microsoft opted to expand the hard drive of its mid-range offering instead of delivering any real savings to consumers” Xbox was available at 300 bux at launch the cheapest. 400 premium and higher for the bundle package. Sony in the other hand didn’t give you a choice. 500-600 bux at launch counting eBay. Pricey compared to the xbox. It did come with a blue ray player which many argue is still a great buy for 500-600 bux. Sony came out 1 year after the xbox and didn’t have enough systems to provide for the high demand after the long wait. I think it lost allot. Sony got to the point where the c.e.o of Sony retired on them or got fired I cant recall. xbox 2- sony 0 “Unlike Microsoft’s offerings, which have a vague “fall” ETA, Sony’s new online features should be available by the time you read this.” Microsoft delivers is the difference between Sony. The second half of the quote proves it. You should have online features by the time you read this. Xbox has had it since the first xbox. Sony you had dial up since the ps2, how is it ps3 is getting it so much later then it was claimed. Xbox 3- Sony 0 “That wasn’t all, though. Sony’s press conference rolled out a set of game trailers that had fans cheering: a new God of War game on PS3, a vast-looking massive action game named MAG, and a couple of promising superhero games: one massively-multi player title based on the DC superhero universe, and one futuristic, open-city game from the Sly Cooper studio. It’s a great selection, and one that leaves Microsoft’s roster of Gears of War 2 and Fable II looking a little tired.” Playstation 3 God of war 3 trailer- MAG – Here’s a montage of trailers from the e3 2008 show and the ps3 – ¬†Personally i think the Xbox has this one again. GoD2 was a fun game. Its a gun series. I look forward to seeing it on the ps3 when it releases. MaG looks like Front Lines on the xbox. The montage shows allot of cool games for the ps3 we will have to wait and see what they develop into. Now Final Fantasy speaks for itself. The legendary almost god like series finally makes it to the consoles of today and man i can’t wait to play. Fallout was a very popular pc futuristic rpg game on the pc back in the days. I’m hoping it lives up to its past. Halo wars I’m sure will make noise but I’m not sure why you would play a rts on a console system but it is Halo so don’t be surprised to see it make a little noise on release. Last but not least the mofo’s at epic hitting us with another Gears of War. This time with the sequel and it looks awesome. I am looking forward to another ps3 monster called killzone 2. Those 2 fps games should make some noise on release. Just on Final Fantasy and GoW2 alone i give xbox another round. 4-0 I am sorry Yahoo but I think for you to claim the Ps3 has taken the lead is false. They where behind and still are. A system with no exclusives to release will hurt more then ever because a person with one console no longer cares or needs you to play those blockbuster games. R.I.P Sony. Below i posted the original article from Yahoo.


2 thoughts on “Yahoo claims Sony takes console lead on war with MS

    starsys said:
    July 25, 2008 at 2:52 pm

    haha You lose! Your blog is full of lies and misinformation. You never once mention the $400 PS3 thats the only one u can buy for more then a year now. Also FFXIII is exclusive in japan and Fallout 3 is gng to release on PS3 but anyway why do I need to comment? Your just high on something and blabbering crap.. I know the PS3 is too expensive for

    fattydakid responded:
    July 25, 2008 at 5:51 pm

    Youtube the microsoft e3 2008 video or here ill post it for you.

    You got Fallout 3 but the Xbox snatched FF 13 , resident evil 5. Come on dude. Sony is R.I.P. Like i said also awesome hardware but to many speed bumps in the way to beat the xbox at this point. Not enough incentive to make a person want to buy one when most of the big franchises came to the Xbox. About not being able to get a ps3 riiight. Who needs to afford it now since most of their major games are on Xbox now. Minus MGS4.

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